News from Occupy Flint

From Occupy Flint:

Info Occupy Flint. there will be a meeting held early next week(prob Monday) between EM Michael Brown and the city code enforcement about the cities decision to allow our structure to stand through winter or have it deconstructed. No decision has been made however it has been brought to attention that the citations being attempted to impose on Occupy Flint are Code violations for our structure being on a Commercially Zoned property(seeking details on code and types of structures that are exempt/illegal), the OSB gables along the North and South walls, the “fire Hazard” of a wood burning stove, and who knows what else they will try to bring. I have requested to be involved with a planning process and work with the city and our new EM Michael Brown to come to a resolution before a final decision is made. We need your help by contacting the EM, Mayor Walling, Gov. Snyder, State Reps, Chief of Police, City Council, Communtiy Organizations, religious groups, friends and family and let them know about the positive impact and neccesity that Occupy Flint has to the community of Flint. That they need to work with the people and serve the people and respect your voice and right to freedoms of assembly. The structure we have is a safe environment and even safer because of the people that designed and operate Occupy Flint Camp. We are a group of professionals as well as artisans that work with innovative technologies and primitive techniques focused around self sustainability and cost effectiveness. This structure is an example of how we as a whole can easily incorporate some of these much more efficient and green methods of housing, heating, energy supply and coste effective architectural design possibilities. This is an art installation that is looking to be addopted by an organization very quickly. It will be going through GA tonight about the possibilities and many different potential actions and avenues. Please let us know if anyon has anything to add or resources we can utilize. Again. Share this with everyone and remember that we stand here representing all of you and your freedom of choice and liberty we are the 99% of the population that is manipulated by 1% of the population. We are not properly or evenly represented and our voices will be heard. We stand with 100,000’s of brothers and sisters to demand a change and our voices will be heard. We stand together with unity and respect to the Preservation of a democratic nation and the United States Constitution and we will be heard. We stand here and Peaceably assemble as is our right to let many facts be exposed and known to the public and our voices will be heard! Join us in this movement and be heard! All of us are affected by this movement and our voices must be heard!