Inter-Occupational Summit Statement of Purpose and Guidelines

Adopted by consensus through the Summit Assembly on December 15th, 2011.

Inter-Occupational Summit

Statement of Purpose and Guidelines


–          What is the purpose of a summit?

  • To create a sense of community for Occupy across the region.
  • To increase inter-occupational communication.
  • A chance for a larger group to be more participatory in Occupy across the region.
  • A way of mobilizing more people within the movement.
  • A way for occupations to share information and experience for the purposes of collaboration as well as autonomous action.
  • An opportunity to use observations of the hosting occupation to strengthen their home occupation.
  • To discuss operations and implementation of the Occupy movement.


–          It is suggested that the Hosting Occupation arrange an event or action during the day prior to the Summit Assembly; this allows the Hosting Occupation to take advantage of the increased numbers that the Summit brings.  Examples include:

  • Canvassing
  • Teach-ins
  • Protests
  • Potlucks

–          The Hosting Occupation is:

  • Not required to have a camp.
  • By volunteer only.
  • Not required to provide food.
  • Asked to facilitate the Summit Assembly, but may request assistance from outside of their Occupation, if so desired.

–          The Summit Assembly is an Inter-Occupational gathering at 7pm.

  • All represented Occupations will have the opportunity to give a report-back from their Occupation.
  • This is independent from the Hosting Occupation’s usual General Assembly.

–          There will be a Summit scheduled approximately every two weeks.

  • Decided by consensus at the 2nd Inter-Occupational Summit at Occupy Flint on November 18th, 2011.
  • The Summits will alternate between weekdays and weekends.

–          The location of the Summit will be hosted by a different Occupation each time, as:

  • an attempt to show solidarity throughout all of Michigan.
  • a chance to be exposed to locations outside of Home Occupations.

–          Summit locations and dates will always be planned two meetings in advance. This will:

  • give notice to all Occupiers wishing to attend and need to make arrangements.
  • give the Hosting Occupation notice to make arrangements for the Summit.

Inter-Occupational Summit Agenda Template

Given Consensus by the Summit Assembly on December 15th, 2011.

Inter-Occupational Summit
Agenda Template

Introduction to Summit

–          Read Occupy Wall Street Call to Action (Until we write our own)

–          Introduce Facilitation Team

  • Facilitator
  • Notes
  • Stack
  • Timekeeper
  • Vibes Checker

–          Introduce Attendees

  • Name and Occupation

Introduction to Process

–          Review Hand Signals

Agenda (5 min.)

–          Review Summit Purpose

  • The summit is a gathering of individuals from all of the various occupations in hopes of opening the lines of communication between those occupations and helping to establish goals and inter-occupational actions.

–          Brief Agenda Review
–          Agenda Plug-Ins

  • Proposals
  • Announcements

–          Vibes Check on Agenda

Occupation Report Backs (5-7 min. each)

–          Occupy Ann Arbor
–          Occupy Detroit
–          Occupy Flint
–          Occupy For All
–          Occupy Kalamazoo
–          Occupy Lansing
–          Occupy Tri-City (Saginaw, Midland, Bay City)
–          Occupations Not Listed

Inter Occupational Action Discussion (10 min.)

–          Fill in with Proposed Inter-Occupational Actions

Summit Planning

–          Next Summit: Fill in Summit Information as determined by previous Summit
–          Following Summit: ???

  • Pick a date and location (alternating between Saturday/Thursday)
  • Make sure the chosen location is represented at this Summit.

Announcements (2 min. each)

–          Occupation Actions/Events
–          Autonomous Actions/Events
–          Fill in with Other Announcements

Proposals (5 min. each)

–          Fill in with Non-Action Related Proposals

Close Summit

–          Rally Cry, Song, Etc.

Soap Box

–          Unmoderated Open Forum

Does this need consensus?

Here’s a little chart we cooked up to help answer that very question.  Consensus is what we strive for.  It is not a victory, rather, it is an achievable solution.  A GA, as the decision making body, is often asked for consensus on even the most minor of decisions.  There are a lot of actions that can be taken autonomously by individuals or groups to further a variety of projects.  Discussions of solutions can happen any where, any time.  A key to having a smooth GA is facilitating proper proposals.

really, just ask, "am I acting for the whole of the group?"

The Principles of Solidarity

Principles of Solidarity
(This draft was adopted by consensus by those in attendance at the Occupy for All Action Assembly on November 21, 2011. This is a working document that may be revised as is fit.)

A call to action is echoing across our nation. The message implores individuals to reclaim their democratic power and stand up against economic and social injustice. Inspired by this rallying cry, the people have begun to come together, develop a dialog and discover a fundamental truth shared by all. Our voices have been silenced, our labor devalued, our property stolen, and our very person-hood diminished by a select few wielding swindled supremacy. This revelation awakened the deep desire for change that had been accumulating inside a displaced population.

This rising awareness has roused a pressing need to act; this charge is carried with each of us as we incorporate the lessons of our collective histories with the processes and culture we create today. We acknowledge that social change cannot emerge from the mere fact of our assembly, but only as a lived outcome of the manner in which we assemble. We come together to engage in direct and transparent participatory democracy. Empowering ourselves to imagine and build new, more equitable alternatives to the prevailing socio-political order. We are building occupations and creating communities.

Now, this resistance has reached the next stage of its evolution; a mass awakening of the global consciousness. In the bonds of solidarity and togetherness, we recognize that:

  • We are awakening from the endless pursuit of an illusory happiness, preparing to escape the confinement of ideologies not our own.
  • We are equal in our rights as inspired, but not enforced, by the Constitution. For though we are told that we have these liberties, they are not shared freely. Instead they are regulated and controlled by those who would see these freedoms stripped for their own gain. Taken from those that have worked so hard to defend them.
  • We have a kinship that is not defined by the laws of society, but of community. For societies are manufactured, while communities are grown, organic and free.
  • We have a right to seek out other like-minded people and form our own communities, not to live under the rule of those who would actively oppose our vision through violence or mass manipulation.
  • The future is not to be decided by the past, but shaped by it, because the future is always changing with every action, every voice, and every person.

We come together as individuals to speak with one voice as the 99% in the struggle to live our lives as we see fit, with the freedoms we had been promised but never truly granted.  We are creating a global future.  It is our right, not simply as citizens, rather as human beings, to stand united and demand that the power of the world be restored to the people of the world.