Why We Occupy

The 99% isn’t composed of any one person. In fact, it is a collection of the biggest percentage of people in the world. A group of stories. What is your story? Why did the Occupy Movement get your attention? We want to know who you are and why it is you do what you do. We are the 99% and we stand as a united group of individuals. Please fill out all of the information below and send us YOUR story and we will publish it here! Also, for the brave, attach a photo of yourself to go along with your story!

Home Occupation:
What makes you part of the 99%?:
Why do you Occupy?:
Tell a hopeful or inspiring story:

Your story will be posted in our main feed with the category “Why We Occupy” and you will see your story, along with everyone else’s!

Please e-mail your submission to OccupyForAll@gmail.com with the subject line “Why We Occupy”.


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