The 8th Inter-Occupational Summit Notes

Thanks to Jessica from Occupy Lansing for taking notes for this event!

Eighth Inter-Occupy Summit
February 18, 2012, 7 pm
Lansing, Michigan

Facilitator:  Roman
Note Taker:  Jessica

I.  Introductions

II.  Stack

A.  National Guard drone training base protest suggested at last summit in Kalamazoo
-extensive domestic surveillance possible but drones are also used for bombing
-HR 658 – FAA Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act signed into law this week
-National Guard used for domestic purposes and combined with NDAA, wide range of abuses possible
-Occupy Kalamazoo suggested this event
-PROPOSAL:  table until next summit – CONSENSUS

B.  G8 Summit protest proposed in Chicago from 5/19-5/20 at last summit in Kalamazoo
-Occupy Flint has 40+ capacity bus and may be able to help with transportation if fuel costs are covered
-a good source of communication for organizing national events is, which has conferences online
-wiretapping laws involved in Chicago where people will be arrested for recording public officers, although there is a lawsuit pending
-Midwest Occupy Conference in St. Louis coming up
-Chris from Occupy Kalamazoo received information from Occupy members organizing for the G8 Summit, and they left their contact information
-Occupy for All is working on an Inter-Occupational mailing list
-PROPOSAL:  table until next summit – CONSENSUS

C.  Emergency Manager law – comment by Dustin
-petitions to repeal Emergency Manager law due 2/22 and they will be delivered altogether on Wednesday, 2/29
-celebration at Central United Methodist Church in Lansing off Capitol and Ottawa at 11:30 am
-approximately 205,000 turned in and 160,000+ valid signatures needed by law
-by law, EM law can’t be used again until November once enough signatures are verified unless stopgap legislation is passed; although there is no such law currently in committee
-there are witnesses verifying the integrity of the signature verification process

D.  Inter-Occupy Summit scheduling
-representatives from Occupy Lakeshore believe every two weeks for summits is too frequent
-Discussion over weekly teleconferencing and monthly physical meetings begin
-Observation:  less frequent meetings lead to people forgetting meetings and lower attendance; thus such an arrangement could possibly backfire
-teleconferencing difficult to facilitate
-there is importance in having a face-to-face meeting with the momentum of biweekly actions
-summits may conflict with other meetings, but reducing frequency could further reduce participation
-Observation:  summits should be priority over regular meetings
-possibility to reduce actions down to once a month with larger actions, because people may be more likely to prioritize the summit if it only meets monthly
-with dwindling numbers during the winter time, the summit empowers cities they are being planned in
-Grand Rapids is excited to have its meeting
-disagreement over summit scheduling being proposed
-movement becoming technology based, and summits are designed to include those individuals
-prior summits have been planned two weeks in advance
-PROPOSAL:  weekly teleconferencing and monthly physical meetings replace current summit schedule – NO CONSENSUS
-planning actions a month in advance helps with turnout (Occupy the PGA has a goal of 10,000 people and has been promoted since the end of September)
-set of Inter-Occupational guidelines suggest action in city of each summit but not required
-use hash tag #allhandsondeck for events activists need help with
-Occupy Lakeshore will host Inter-Occupational Summit on 3/3
-Occupy Grand Rapids will host Inter-Occupational Summit on 3/17
PROPOSAL:  end all discussion on stack item and go on five minute break – CONSENSUS

E.  Occupy Michigan mailing list
-Kent created Google Group, which has a current total of 35 people and useful for promoting events
-sign up on contact sheet being passed around (only Kent has access to information)
-group is currently open and there is an option for a daily digest
-positive feedback on Occupy Lansing listserv

F.  Facilitator Training Saturday, 2/25, at Northstar in Lansing at 2 pm
-Occupy for All has seen what works and what doesn’t
-very important to resolve fighting, which breaks down the group
-email, and Occupy for All will come to your town; special and unique questions should be emailed in advance
-working on national connections with long term goal to focus on national issues

G.  Comments from Rev. Pinkney from Benton Harbor
-“People’s Tribune” newspaper accepting articles – send to Rev. Pinkney ( in the next week to be in next month’s paper, which is sent out across the nation
-Occupy the PGA Saturday, 5/26, in the middle of the golf course in Benton Harbor
-lawyers and security will be there so no one gets arrested unless they want to
-Rachel Maddow and Michael Moore haven’t confirmed their attendance but have not said no
-focus on college campuses and expanding numbers that way
-march will occur on Wednesday, 5/23
-working to ensure streets clear and camping on the beach possible
-targets are Whirlpool and KitchenAid
-PROPOSAL:  all hands on deck at G8, where Rev. Pinkney will be speaking, and for Occupy the PGA – CONSENSUS
-PROPOSAL:  Benton Harbor to host 5/26 Inter-Occupational Summit at Occupy the PGA – CONSENSUS

H.  Lansing Move to Amend
-Roman – elected president and Justin – elected co-president; acting as contacts between Move to Amend and Occupy Lansing
-working for a 28th Amendment saying corporations are not people and money can be regulated but not through a Constitutional Convention – rather pressure federal legislators through voter initiatives to pass the amendment and send to the states for ratification by three-fourths of the states
-next Move to Amend meeting Saturday, 5/25, from 5-6:30 pm at Northstar in Lansing
-concerns Sen. Bernie Sanders’s amendment proposal not strong enough
-contact for more information

I.  Flint considering shutting down City Hall because of hikes in water bills due to privatization of water
-people are protesting by not paying their water bills
-questions about widespread water shutoffs and support for the city residents
-PROPOSAL:  keep thinking about event and spread to other occupations – CONSENSUS

J.  Ninth Inter-Occupational Summit Saturday, 3/3, at 7 pm being hosted by Occupy Lakeshore
-flier passed out and information will be published now after this summit to avoid confusion
-contact and
-Occupy Lakeshore covers a larger area than Occupy Muskegon
-great handouts and planning for upcoming meeting

K.  Agenda for Ninth Inter-Occupational Summit
-Move to Amend will announce its new organization but concerns brought up over avoiding official affiliations due to accusations of co-opting
-any announcement can be made at the end of the summit
PROPOSAL:  move on to announcements unless someone wants to add another item to the agenda for the next summit – CONSENSUS

III.  Announcements
-“Revolution Truth” panel discussion on YouTube – very interesting presentation
-Occupy for All has an Inter-Occupational calendar with all events across the state on website in order to enhance turnout at events
-Occupy Detroit saved its fourth home from the eviction process by using a law requiring a dumpster be placed in front of the house to hold homeowner’s belongings and blocking the street so the dumpster couldn’t be placed
-Occupy Flint camp has reached its four month mark




Everyone is okay with being live-streamed

Hand signals review


Stack with numbers – no names for ease

Quick intro – name, where you’re from



Hastings, MI

New York

Paw Paw

Ann Arbor

Grand rapids


G –


Three Rivers


Wall Street

St. Louis

Ft. Wayne



Check-in, Basic info

St Louis – Midwest occupation

–       Occupy St. Louis – national conference; 30 cities so far; teach ins speakers etc. planning for G8 summit and actions; march 15-18 – Occupy St. Patrick’s day march; educational learning experience; many occupies coming together; limited posters for information! Can collect contact info – various websites, FB event sites – St Louis is hosting, but not SL affair – everyone participating has helped plan the event as well as attending – give them contact info, but also contact Zack:;  What do you need help with? Need logistical support – food, tents, basic stuff; there will be camping and alternative housings for people who don’t want to camp; be prepared to camp by bringing your own tent and some food (can’t feed everyone!) there is a WePay account for donations – any amount is helpful!

Occupy Chicago – G8

What the political and legal environment of Chicago and motivation of why ppl should attend; invites from OC for spring events: Rachel from OC press committee, Super Bowl occupation retaking the camp tonight! OC has April 7th – all allies and occupiers in Chicago to take to the streets – we are here and strong and ready for the Spring; Adbusters has called on people to camp – not OC call to action, but they want to participate, look for call to action in the future; OC wants to help occupations in the region to help out with press – contacts, press releases, media list – will help train and education – contact: direct request to Rachel

Coalition against NATO G8 – giving ideas of what to expect in May; gathering of global 1% – unique opportunity to push back, life time opportunity! Do not allow the 1% to intimidate you – this is something they’ve tried to do; head of chi chamber of commerce (people should be boarding up windows etc.) police training 1300 cops in riot duty; sit-down shut-up ordinances rammed through city ordinance website  series of articles about anti-protester ordinances they just rammed through; almost all of this is permanent, the G8 protests are just an excuse to pass these so quickly; quadrupled the penalty for violation of parade permit ordinances; if you put in parade permit you have to have 1 million dollars insurance, and guarantee that the city won’t have to pay for damage, banner or sound equipment carried by more than two people have to have permission prior; Chicago is a one party town – controlled by democratic party; NATO G8 summits are good time for rahm Emanuel – “mayor 1%” – leading recipient of campaign donations, very pro war, no accident that G8 and NATO are in Chicago – unique opportunity for our side – Despite Chicago 1968, that was the beginning of the end of the Vietnam War – our movement exposed the brutality of the 1% on both parties; Pres Obama’s big party – going into election year. This will be extremely important time to push back. DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED. Working with NLG, have a permitted march for sat May19, national Nurses’ union march, whole ton of un permitted stuff; may 12-13 there will be stuff. Question: for those who cant’ go and spend a whole month – hoping events will be posted, or other contact info? May 19-21 are summits; events around national delegations in preceding days.  Can we get more detail? Place to camp? That was called out by Adbusters, so logistics are not planned – OC has to deal with that, no place to actually camp, no places to rally etc. – that needs to be organized if that happens. Is NATO/G8 is that a hot topic beyond Midwest occupations? Great deal of discussion already, OK is already enthusiastic about it; the G8 issue is universal for occupies all around the world; how do Michiganders transport themselves? – march route for permitted march on May 19; national special security action – federal government can come in and wipe out permits or dramatically curtail; logistical information will be up within 3 or 4 days – ride board, housing board are in development – hope something will be up within a week; south shore – that takes you within four blocks of the sat may 19th march; detailed information of how to get from all forms of transportation; churches have offered up camping spaces – there is 0 overnight public space in Chicago (same problem in 1968); international focus – questions from all around the world; austerity measures going in Europe have people pissed off at G8 and their own governments. McCormick Place on the lakeshore is where the actual G8 meeting takes place. Email Andy Thayer for more information (also on FB):

Question: show up in waves? Or do we have a plan b, mass arrests every day?  This is why we’ve been working with NLG for several months – can’t guarantee there wont’ be arrests, basically been organizing this since July – the city has arrested organizers repeatedly; 65 million dollars on “security” – how can you spend that money when you just cut mental health clinics in Chicago by half? Believe we are winning PR battle; What can we do to help? COME. Just be there (answer met with cheers and applause)

Democracy Now march 30

Now DC wants and DC spring in March

Want different occupies to endorse it

March 30 – show unity en masse of occupy movement

Money of go government is biggest message; negotiating dates (arrive on 30th, 7th is teach in etc., a concert a week after) how might we consolidate it all, so if people can’t come for a whole month or 3 weeks show we have mass numbers

Sign up sheet – want one person from each occupy – take a statement to your GA to see if we get endorsements (right now there are 11 on the list, including Wall Street) really the first nationwide thing – looking for people who will coordinate outreach and to start out with, people can join the call tomorrow at 9 on interoccupy – you have to sign up (  they will have info for call – also

January 17th gathering – that was nationwide, how is this different? How will it be more than that? We will make it that – its up to us, we already have several thousand people who are on the calls that people will participate it – we need to grab it, grab a hold of it and show unity – powerful statement

Is the 30th the main day for that?  Yes, but stuff going on after that; the 30th – probably one massive one for people, but then others can stick around

American Spring – motive of the whole action? Context to be read (proposal) – its being rewritten (needs to be what we’re for as much as what we’re against) This is about a visibility thing, to show people that we’re here

Contact:; for more info

Part of occupy groups from DC? Nope, from K-zoo; occupy only? Initiated by occupy, but other groups are welcome to participate

Organizing by region off the country; anyone wants to be a regional rep would be great

STL conference – Now DC could be a great opportunity for a teach in and getting more people involved

There are many DC events, is there a way to communicated, coordinate? Others probably have more specific focus; this is supposed to show solidarity;

In DC MacPherson park there wasan occupation; October 11 a coalition of groups that did a sit in on freedom plaza – same time as OWS so it turned into occupy – so lots of those same groups merged and want March 30

Different groups don’t get along – heard that Occupy groups might be getting together; as of January 17th there are still two separate groups


Printed media

New Idea in K-Zoo is to network with smaller towns around our city; so printed material to help people understand and get educated about occupy, gmos, corporations etc.. – solid facts and figures (some in center of circle) – also has flash drive of folder full of graphics (find Lee) is contact

Citation or bibliography verifying Just grabbing – but says fact check it, let him know if stuff isn’t accurate and he’ll pull it;

Most of the charts do have website citation

Video all GAs in their entirety and put it online – surprising number of people will sit through a 3 hour video (25-50 hits on each video) Decided as a group to never shut off camera, though sometimes edited – like name calling, or revealing info about medications etc. it gets edited – if its harmful to their group or another group it’s cut

Printed Media is working with Google docs, but is a learning experience, so it’s developing

Occupy Lakeshore

List of grievances

Petition for a regress of grievances – agreed by the GA

Asked to meet with reps in Washington – but are going to send them the list – get a feel for a temp check with our group on what they have

At end of reading, met with applause!

Fear of corporations taking over our schools, esp. with citizens united – so that money will go to school board members who will make our schools owned by corporations – huge concern;

How do we integrate this into the march 30th demonstration; also can health care as number 3 not 10? These aren’t’ in order of importance

Once nice and cleaned up – put it on the internet and have people sign it; it is posted on Facebook page and; move on has a spot online you can make petitions with and they’ll take it for you to government; will also allow you to post petitions

Occupy Muskegon with news (OM News)

Free media and reporting of events is the only guarantor that democracy has had; w/o free media democracy doesn’t stand a chance. Pair in Muskegon own the Muskegon paper; dozen people were at city council meeting protesting and spoke at city council meeting; local news all the arguments of contractor (who paid 3.5 million for property) and nothing of protesters – but they stopped that silence, because they have their own news, following up with their own research, presenting news to the public – doing the job of the media – refusing to be interviewed by news (OMN is actually interviewing main news sources)\omnews

Encourage community to write articles, research, investigative, editorials etc. and other occupy groups can and should send them materials and to use it as a means/nexus of sharing information; all occupies should start their own – become a people’s news, not a corporate news

Send news: on webpage but,

Lots of info on fb page still

Request of OMNews: will you take over Michigan media center, collective that abandoned project – but still around, perhaps take it over and we can all use it?

Is there a sense of peace and tranquility of being “Occupy Om”? (laughter and applause)

Occupy Report backs (2 min each)

Occupy Lakeshore – petition; occupy congress on Jan 16/17 participation – news says several hundred, but blatantly wrong – media came during first part of the day (meet and greet etc.) then media left for the day, actual march later on – 3000+ people in the march; more clear and concise report – Russia Today and Taiwanese news had most accurate representation of it; participation of community college, did q and a etc.

Occupy Muskegon – quick recap; campsite was in early days, lasted 2 months, not enough campers for security (private land with permission); now meeting in private homes; museum of afro American history in hopes of making contact with more diverse groups; city commission meetings, township board meetings; also emergency action to prevent smoke stack demolition; monitoring situation of Muskegon heights – may be shutting schools down in 3 weeks due to lack of funds; investigation into the few million dollars a school lost to a ponzi scheme; been having movie nights – peak oil, federal reserve, transition movement films; newsletter WEST WIND has been published; OM News has not officially launched but is running; several benefit concerts in blues bar; doing those to raise money; have about 15 active (active!) members working around the clock; any given times someone will be up streaming articles and posting things – very tight hardworking crew. Want to recruit new members within next month or two; future will be very active. Also have been working with city boards to remove fluoride from the water; working on county banking;

Occupy Grand Rapids – trying to get occupy our homes together – help prevent foreclosures by occupying lawns and preventing police; talks of general strikes; move to amend group formation – us constitutional amendment to prevent corporate personhood; slowly making progress on an occupy coloring book will eventually put it in pdf form; Google: occupy community bill of rights – lawyers put together a document (on AlterNet, perhaps?) for cities and you plug in your city and state name; really free market – no money sales! No camp because people were pooping in it

Occupy Ann Arbor – momentarily died, but coming back!

Occupy Lansing – Lansing move to amend will have its first meeting at going wired café – 2121 east mi ave; feb 18th corporate personhood rally at state capitol in Lansing; wants contacts from people working on move to amend email for Lansing move to amend (also Facebook) Occupylansingoutreach  Meeting every Sunday for general assemblies, at 5 we’ve been doing DA meetings

Occupy Paw Paw/Lawrence – small so far, go out weekly and picket, talk to people, no camp yet, but making baby steps to catch up

Occupy Kalamazoo – biggest event so far has been this summit; focusing really hard on foreclosures and with moratorium now etc.; K-Zoo is still small, but growing and merging; Occupy Detroit had a victory with the Garrison’s home (yeah!) Needing to understand how to be more organized in order to prepare for all the amazing things happening this spring and summer. There is another communication manner – – set up of national phone conferences (Monday night is the largest call 50-60 people at largest around country) only a communication method – no actual actions taken (NOAM CHOMSKY WAS ON A CALL OMG) all occupy oriented

Occupy Detroit – very involved in anti-foreclosure stuff; garrets, 1515 Broadway and another family were all saved from foreclosure!  Jeffery Whitters

Occupy West Palm Beach – big action, stopped infornt of Hugo Boss and mic checked why they were evil; GAIM conference – hedge fund managers (GIANT billion dollar things) and two arrests – but in Huffington post for disrupting conference; there is a camp and a bunch of people living at it; moved to old city hall

Sustainable economics for Occupy discussion

Rick Todd: Working on a project for a few years, Eco Village Development; in order to be effective with sustainable economics program; design is an armature to hang social entrepreneurial ideas on – main feature is replication; yurts for example, inexpensive way of living – way of fitting current villages to change and be eco village. Each village would be building another eco village as an economic activity – it’ll have an impact and economy of scale. Paper: Kalamazoo People Zoo – zoo where you can observe people living sustainably

Working group was established, but over holidays somewhat dissipated

But is passion – soon to build a “hobbit house” on some land

Eco village not just for Kalamazoo – because they plant others in other places – break away from main stream economy which is essentially the problem (infinite growth on a finite planet is ridiculous)

Contact Rick Todd

Transition movement – this is along the lines of TM – allows people to respond to marketing, you don’t have to change ideology to change mode of living

Summit planning

Occupy Lakeshore (in Grand Haven) – already have a hall to hold it in – putting together modular training program getting into occupy movement all the way through direct actions, what to do if you’re arrested etc.; members who are good activists and performed in different roles and they are bringing in people who have nation training  – people can decide what module they want to participate in throughout the day before the summit

Occupy Grand Rapids – will organize and possibly organize for March 17?


Conversion of Air National Guard, training center, in Battle Creek to launch drones, questions, discussion, reaffirm, proposal; drones will be going all over the world – more of a staging point – remote operators

Questions: we don’t know for sure if it’s just training or a drone center? They aren’t even sure, it sounds, that they don’t know what they’re doing; sounds like that pilots will be there piloting for recon and strikes; it has been called a drone unit

If we don’t have enough info now, perhaps we should discuss this at a later time – do research and reconvene at Lansing summit, or do a call prior to Lansing summit

Alterations to future summits?

Suggestion who has someone who comes in with laptop and portable printer – give contact info in advance and print it for everyone

Suggestion maybe a general time limit for talking – instead of asking opinion on how long people think they’ll talk for. Unless people talk to facilitators prior the meeting, or at least at the start

Suggestion maybe more of a stream lined process, slightly disorderly – the larger our groups will be the more difficult this kind of process will be

Suggestion interoccupy phone conversations have a standardized amount of time

Suggestion organize specific caucuses, like student occupations could be utilized – difference between occupying campuses vs cities; labor etc. or people involved more specifically in labor – that way we can bring them in and get them more involved; like an hour or two before the GA, focus on specific issues; bring together specific sectors of occupy together (could be implemented at the Grand Rapids summit when they hold it)

Methods of Communication

Everyone has email things – but if we all share emails with each other

Michigan Google group – email Chris with subject as : add to Google group  everyone has control of documents that are in Google group

Are there any methods that could be more useful or used better?

Some occupies will put out text lists for emergency actions – a text can be sent out to everyone, like a document is ready and people can be informed

Interoccupy – if these GAs we can set up a call like this and hold conference calls so we can also communicate      Occupy for all Facebook page

Any other way to get events onto an easy to use calendar?

Can we get a newsletter out to all occupations – like, Google docs site where each occupy can update each other weekly or however often through a newsletter format

Transportation to Chicago G8/NATO

Want strong Michigan contingent there (cheers)

Good to have as many people for a short and do-able time period, which involves transportation, and where people will stay if they’re not going to camp

Seeing that we need transportation

Carpools, or greyhound or train ticket; occupy bus! Staged buses in cities across the states – there is a site, logistics support for occupation (no other info about it) everyone pays a fee, but once you hit a certain number of people that will cover costs then everything is paid for (if threshold is not reached, money is refunded)

Fundraising issues (bail, healthcare?)

Shirts – Marie Mason against ice mountain bottling plant – in jail for 21 more years; her abusive ex-husband admitted to arson at genetic engineering facility. Connects degradation of environment with poor people. In solitary for a year so far

Close summit (Closed out with collective OM)

6th Inter-Occupational Summit in Flint! (January 19th, 2012)

6th Inter-Occupational Summit in Flint

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

No actual notes were taken at this meeting. Everything is being recalled from memory.

Introduction to Summit

Introduction of Facilitation Team:

  • Facilitator: Jake
  • Co-facilitator/Stack: Shadeed
  • Time: Jerin

Introduction of Attendees:

  • Occupy Metro Detroit
  • Occupy for All
  • Occupy Flint
  • Occupy Lansing

Intro to Process: Kent quickly reviewed hand signals

Agenda Overview

  • We took a single stack of issues we wanted to talk about. There were no plans for Occupation Report Backs. Everyone seemed fine with this.

Inter-Occupational Action Discussion

There was a discussion on Sovereignty, a process which allows people to give up their “contractual obligations” to the government, including turning in Driver’s License, Social Security Card, etc, etc. It essentially gives up some of your benefits and rights as a citizen, but it also grants you some sovereign rights as well. More information coming soon.

Kent made a proposal for the Inter-Occupational Summits to be moved to Saturdays exclusively. Because of the low turnout on Thursdays, it seems to be more beneficial to have the meetings on the weekend. The original intent was to have the ability for people that can’t show up on the weekend to show up on a weekday, but this wasn’t having the impact it should. Jerin made a counter proposal that there should be a Livestream Summit on the alternating weeks. Jerin and Kent are going to look in to this possibility. Consensus was reached on having the “travelling” Summits on Saturdays only.

Kent is creating an Occupy Michigan google group to sent announcements and urgent updates. This is not to be used for discussion. [email address] Talk to Kent after assembly to sign up or email him at

Jerin announced that the ACLU was looking to have a meeting with members of the Occupy Movement in Flint. He asked for a temperature check on the issue and it seemed like everyone was okay with the idea. Some concern was expressed about co-opting and it was taken under consideration and discussed, but overall, the group was in favor of meeting with the ACLU. An event will be organized.

Shadeed and Jake talked about trying to organize with Moratorium Now! and Occupy Our Homes in trying to find out information about Foreclosures and how to protest them. They decided to form a working group to research it.

Interest was brought up in creating an action against SOPA and PIPA. Kent suggested an action in support of Google in downtown Ann Arbor, protesting PIPA/SOPA. A group was created to organize such an event, but since SOPA and PIPA have been turned down in the days following the Summit, such an action may be unnecessary. This could be discussed at the next Summit.

Raphael from Occupy Lansing made the following statement:
“In light of the fact that the Supreme Court made a shameful 5:4 decision that corporations are persons, and recognizing that the group Move to Amend is a non-partisan effort to use the amendment process to refuse the Citizens United decision, we resolve that each Occupy should, if agreed upon by the General Assembly, contact Move To Amend at, and work with them on our shared goal.”
There seemed to be a general agreement that this could be decided upon within the assemblies themselves. Throughout the meeting, there was concern over using the term “Occupy ______” in support of anything, because it speaks for more than just one group, it can speak for the entire movement. An example was brought up about the “Occupy Political Party” that was started in Washington D.C. without the consensus of the entire movement.

Jerin spoke about the upcoming General Assembly/Town Hall Meeting of Flint (not of Occupy Flint) and asked for help from other occupies in canvassing Flint and spreading the word. Edge from Lansing said that she could try to organize some people from Lansing to help. The event is set to take place on Friday, January 27th, from 6-9pm at the U of M Flint Kiva. The details of the event can be found here: It is believed that the Flint Mayor as well as one of the State Representatives are expected to attend. All are welcome.

(I’m sorry, everyone, this is all I can remember. If you can think of anything I can add, please e-mail it to me at

Summit Planning

Next Summit will be Saturday, February 4th in Kalamazoo at 508 Denner Street, Kalamazoo, MI. The Facebook event can be found at:

The following summit will be Saturday, February 18th in Lansing, MI. Details to be announced at next summit.

Meeting Closed

#Occupy Kalamazoo
Saturday, February 4th @7pm

Happy Holidays (Or Not) From Occupy For All!

To all our friends and fellow Occupiers,

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you the safest and happiest of holidays, whatever those holidays might be. For those of you that do not celebrate holidays during this season, happy inconsequential, ordinary winter season! We have been taking a few days to re-cooperate and prepare for the new year that is upon us! Do not fear! We aren’t going anywhere, we are just preparing for the long struggle that is ahead of us, while still fulfilling our obligations to ourselves and our families. 2012 is going to be a very exciting year, full of change and opportunities for action. We will not let them pass us by.

Peace and Solidarity to each and every one of you!

Occupy4All Action Assembly, December 17 Meeting Report

This is the personal account of a participant in Occupy For All’s Action Assembly on December 17th:

The Assembly never officially began and I couldn’t be happier about it.

We arrived at the Unite Detroit building at about 6:57pm and found only a few people lingering within the building. We had seen them before on our previous visit following the Summit in Detroit and it was obvious they were residents. Right away, we found a group of tables and made ourselves at home immediately. Without a doubt, the people at 5900 Michigan Ave are very welcoming and do not hover or cause any kind of problems. They are open to the use of the space and encourage Occupy-related activity within. While we were sitting and talking, we were approached by a young couple and began talking about the Occupy Movement. Her name is Sirii (sp?) and she is an Assistant Professor in Berlin, but originally comes from Iran. His name is Seth and while originally from the suburbs of Detroit, he hadn’t been home in ten years and was back visiting family for the holidays. He is going for his doctorate in Geography. They both have a keen interest in Social Movements and Socialogy and are in the midsts of researching and writing a report on the Occupy Movement. Needless to say, the conversation was riveting, and I mean that with all sincerity. Sirii had participated in the Solidarity Protest in Berlin and now was making a few stops in the United States to interview people in New York, as well as other Occupy hotspots. They were extremely nice and interested in our views and opinions in relation to their own experiences.

As the conversation became more and more engaging, the crowd continued to grow. Eventually, there were over a dozen of us sitting and talking, including several members of Unite Detroit and Occupy Detroit, respectively. Though many of us had gathered for the purposes of an Assembly, it was almost completely unnecessary and I was awestruck in the fact that we still observed the methods of process despite the fact that there was no real need for facilitation. We spoke about issues both local and abroad and I got the very real sense that we were all on the same page in regards to our views of how the global movement has gotten us to act locally, which in turn will effect the global movement respectively. We talked about the formations of community and how we needed to practice what we preach and show a new way of living.

One particular individual I found most fascinating was James, a lifelong member of the Detroit community and a veteran of the Military. It’s still hard for me to wrap my head around the idea that people younger than myself can be considered veterans. Though soft spoken through most of the meeting, his views on the treatment of veterans and money in politics were extremely insightful and gave a perspective that I had never considered myself, having had different experiences and having never served in the Armed Forces.  It is the gathering together of a variety of views, just like James’, that make me so thankful for the Occupy Movement.

So after a long discussion about the importance of Occupy, the question was posed, “So now what?” With all of the information we have and the “awakening” we’ve all experienced, where do we go from here?

That’s when the wheels really started to turn. We had to start taking action. We had to start spreading this knowledge to others. Just like we had experiencing our own awakening and some of us had “radicalized” because of it, we couldn’t stop there. A very interesting metaphor was made because of this.

When we talk among fellow Occupiers, we are gaining validation and that gives us the charge to move onward. Conversations such as these allow us to recharge and invigorate ourselves. We need to send that charge out in to the unknown in hopes of connecting with other people and getting the charge working for them. After “depleting” our own charge, we come back to the group and charge up again, preparing to send it out. Throughout this conversation, we made the challenge to ourselves to do something with this energy we were creating.

An idea about conversations on the bus was posed and development began. Much like Town Criers and Bards, we could use our information and knowledge to awaken others in the most simple of places. By talking about these things, people were bound to listen to us. But also by listening and gaining insights from others, we could find out what had been troubling them and move to work on those things to show that change was coming.

By the end of the evening, I was so invigorated that I knew I needed to act and start making things happen. I needed to start talking, not just to fellow Occupiers, but those that had not joined the Occupy movement as well. Truly, it was an unforgettable experience and I look forward to meeting with my Detroit family again in the near future.

All For One…

4th Inter-Occupational Summit in Detroit! (December 15th, 2011)

4th Inter-Occupational Summit in Detroit
December 15th, 2011

Introduction to Summit

–          Consensus given upon the reading of the Occupy Wall Street Call to Action. The document was passed around, allowing most attendees the opportunity to read a sentence or two.
–          Facilitation Team Introduced:

  • Facilitator: Kent (Occupy For All)
  • Notes: Vikki (Occupy Detroit)
  • Stack: Dave (Occupy Detroit)

–          Introduce Attendees (Represented Occupations)

  • Occupy Ann Arbor
  • Occupy Detroit
  • Occupy Lansing
  • Occupy Flint
  • Occupy For All
  • Occupy the Lakeshore (Formerly of Occupy Muskegon)
  • Occupy Our Homes
  • Occupy Toledo
  • Occupy Traverse City
  • United Detroit Affinity

–          It is noted that Native Americans do things in a clockwise direction. A group is being founded called “The Dead Indians for the Liberation of White People”. (Information requested on the speaker, whose name I can’t recall)

Introduction to Process

–          Kent did a brief explanation of Hand Signals. Very little clarification was necessary.


–          The Summit Purpose is read as a working document, followed by consensus from the Assembly.

  • “The summit is a gathering of individuals from all of the various occupations in hopes of opening the lines of communication between those occupations and helping to establish goals and inter-occupational actions.”

–          The Agenda is reviewed and given consensus by the Assembly.

Occupation Report Backs

–          Occupy Ann Arbor

  • No Report

–          Occupy Detroit

  • Direct Action: Working with Latino Community to increase numbers. Using 5900 Michigan Avenue building for meeting.
  • Sustainability: Have a meeting planned for Saturday. Encouraging every Occupation to take on a Sustainability working group to coordinate across the Occupations, as well as a Love Mother Earth Orientation. Model of how to create sustainability within this movement. Focusing on creating a new world government with sustainability. Contact:
  • Suggested Viewing (Side Note):
  • United Detroit:Has 5900 Michigan Avenue space to be used for the movement. Open 9AM-10PM, 7 days a week. In Southwest Detroit (Michigan Ave/Wesson Intersection). Wobbly Film Night – Sunday at 7pm. Direct Action Meeting is on Monday at the same time as 5900 Public March.
    • Still Need Website URL
  • Annual MLK March: March to Governor’s House following MLK March. Inviting all other occupies to come to event.
  • Education: Seeking others who have done teach-ins and research. Looking to spread knowledge. Contact:
  • Outreach: Reaching out to community groups who have been doing this kind of work. Going to them and figuring out what their issues have been and how the movement can help. Looking to start massive outreach with speakers to go to these groups and clear the air, talk to them and explain what we stand for and what we do. Seeking volunteers. Outreaching to a couple of Church Groups, including those that offered the Thistle Café as a space. Also in contact with: Grey Panthers, St. Allouysis, Royal Oak Democrat Club & DSA. Hans is starting a Social Justice Center. Contact:
  • Media:Ongoing projects include: Reaching out to Nation Media about the Emergency Financial Manager issues. Working on Press Releases, 99% Profiles (asking Occupiers to submit their stories to be featured on the website), Spring Photo Show (A travelling art show featuring alternative forms of occupying spaces). Also interested in International Artists who are projecting images on the side of buildings. As an example, projecting image or text on the side of a bank for Bank Transfer Day.
    • Contact Caroline about promoting events. Use Facebook or E-mail. Contact: Put “Event” in the subject line to avoid Inbox flooding.
    • Coverage is very important. Without coverage, some believe it didn’t happen. If you want coverage, don’t be afraid to ask or it.
  • Location: Identifying spaces. Some of the places that have been offering space for free are having funding cut. Moses, Conglomeration of Churches are doing the same thing we do but are more grass root. Having some of the same problems we do.

–          Occupy Flint

  • Direct Action this Saturday outside of Bank of America.
  • Fought against a struggle to keep camp. Has one of the last standing camps.
    • Had a letter from their lawyers saying the landlord might need them to evacuate the site because he was concerned he was going to be sited because the structure wasn’t fire safe. Because of the nature of their camp, they cannot be classified as “structures” and therefore do not pose a problem, however there was a lot of good media coverage.
  • Secondary Location: Talk about building an Earthen Structure. Killian offered to help with expertise and sustainability.
  • Flint needs will be posted on the web.
  • Had a successful direct action about the Emergency Managers and S.1867 at Debbie Stabenow’s office. Trying to stage a direct action every day. Have previously read sections of the Michigan Constitution over a loudspeaker. Possibly joining with Lansing to go to Carl Levin’s office.

–          Occupy Traverse City

  • Representative asked to speak for Occupation via e-mail. Relative to Occupier.
  • Having General Assemblies, but are not currently occupying a space because of smaller numbers and elderly occupiers.
  • Between 29 to 50 participants working to amend corporations as personhood.
  • Working with a local resident who is being foreclosed on
  • Held a protest in front of Carl Levin’s home against defense spending.
  • Organizing Occupalooza to help educate.

–          Occupy Our Homes

  • Group of activists focusing on stopping foreclosures.
  • Helped organize and execute actions to stop Kyra Williams from losing her homes, which caused the bank to renegotiate her mortgage due to the actions of Occupy Detroit and the media presence.
  • A lot of county foreclosures for taxes are used by banks so they don’t have to file for foreclosure.

–          Occupy Lansing

  • Closed camp because of draining resources. Focusing on direct actions and foreclosures.
  • Focusing on outreach and successful canvassing marches. Offering training on canvassing.
  • Volleyball Game on Capitol lawn. Will have the Grinch representing the 1%. This Saturday at 2pm on State Capitol lawn.
  • Organizing Group Meditation to support “The Seventh Global Brain Consciousness Movement Worldwide Meditation Event”. ( Check with Occupy Lansing Facebook pages for more details.

–          Occupy For All

  • Originally spun off from Occupy Ann Arbor due to internal issues in hopes of focusing on Inter-Occupational Action and Coordination. Don’t have a central site or location, but are constantly keeping up communications with other occupies. Want to help assist supply runs for other occupies. Here to support occupiers and assist them in doing the great work they’ve already done and continue to do.
  • Interoccupational Calendar ( Includes national events several months in advance. Trying to keep a finger on the pulse of things.
  • Organizing rideshares.
  • Posting notes from meetings and Summits.
  • Next Action Assembly: Saturday, December 17th @7pm at 5900 Michigan Avenue in Detroit. A great opportunity for unofficial “mini-summits” and reports from various Occupations.
  • When Occupy Lansing broke camp, transferred supplies to Occupy Flint.
  • Trying to research CSF (Community Supported Food – Similar to CSA/Community Supported Agriculture). Will cook meals and do grocery shopping to help keep food costs low for those involved. Helping foster a sense of community. Will release more information as it becomes available.

–          Occupy the Lakeshore

  • Separated from Occupy Muskegon. Muskegon too focused on their campsite and losing people because of it. Lakeshore acting as a catch all. Only existed for two weeks. Claims there were 100-150 people initially involved in Occupy Muskegon meetings, now down to 25.

After a brief break, began livestreaming Live-ustream feed

–          Occupy Toledo

  • Have moved inside and no longer have a camp due to low turnout.
  • Foreclosure Action Group: Will be moving people into stable housing. Wants to help other Occupies to assist in stopping Sherriff sales.
  • Media: Currently reworking website. Trying to get flyers out to web and media.
  • Arts and Culture: Getting together to make a pamphlet to do outreach, encouraging people to look at the website.
  • Communications: Focusing on keeping the GA and other groups informed.
  • Currently enduring an arraignment for two participants that were arrested for walking in to a city council meeting with a sign with the first amendment on it. A laws was passed that says they can’t have any signs about free speech. Demonstrator was charged with felony assault on a police officer who assaulted her. Try to offer any assistance you can, including calling the judges office. Check with Occupy Toledo on Facebook for more details.
  • Had a demonstration with blank signs because that’s the only free speech they were allowed.
  • Having people dress as Santa to deliver a lump of coal to foreclosing banks.

–          Other Inter-Occupational Announcements

  • Occupy Chicago is interested in starting an inter-occupational newsletter which will cover the entire great lakes area.  Are calling for participation from other occupies.
  • Steel Worker demonstration in Findley, passed GA, some of the people from Toledo and Detroit are going.
  • Occupy Bay City, Occupy Saginaw, and Occupy Midland have come together as one organizations known as “Occupy the Tri”
  • Occupy Alpena sends word that they regret having to miss the Summit, but appears things are going well for them.

Inter-Occupational Action Discussion

–          Occupy the State of the State Address. Wednesday, January 18th, Governor Snyder is expected to give his “State of the State” address.  Will be a big event.  Trying to find out how to infiltrate. More information available online. (
–          January 26th, 2012 is the 175th anniversary of Michigan becoming a state. Planning a massive direct action to say we are taking our state back.

  • Do something regarding Emergency Managers?
  • Asked to remember that the original people who took over the state were occupiers that were genocidal maniacs. This is already occupied territory and it was taken from the native people. Quoted Sitting Bull in saying, “Let us put our minds together and see what world we can make for our children.”
  • Contact:

–          May 25th, 2012 – Big golfing event planned because of the Emergency Manager. Want to have 10,000 people there. Occupy should have a big presence.
–          Lots of Colleges in the state. Should pick a date to do universal teach-ins on college campuses across the state. Proposed for end of March, beginning of April.
–          All working around foreclosures should do education about it on a state level.
–          Proposed Art Action by Edge from Occupy Lansing. Wants to have an Art/wheat paste day. Design art installation pieces all over the state that are rolled out on the same day. Find buildings that are willing to have this done on the side of their buildings. See Edge for more details.
–          Side Note: Visibility. Keep that in your head when creating and brainstorming for events. Power structure doesn’t want us complaining and calling attention, so that’s what we must do.

  •  Counter Point: There are lots of different voices to speak in and we should find different ways to speak and use them.

–          Tucker from Occupy Detroit proposes: Participating artists with international project with JR, take photos of people and put them on buildings. Talk of bringing them to Detroit. Approach JR with proposal to make this not just a Detroit but Great Lakes action.
–          Suggested Resource: Poor People’s Movements: Why They Succeed, How They Fail by Francis Fox Piven.  Very deep historical study shows what works and fails.
–          Graffiti Research Laser Tag.  Way in which form can do art legally
–          Hippies in the sky, flying high performance kites with streamers can get altitude so don’t have to rent a plane.
–          Land bank, paint boards on foreclosed houses.
–          Occupy for Democracy Affinity Group:  Occupy the Governor’s mansion.  Restrictions passed all over the country limiting people’s democratic rights.  Michigan voters have been completely disenfranchised.  No reason to vote because Emergency Manager can be put in place. Occupy Detroit has passed support for this action in their General Assembly. Want to pass it in all other occupies. March to Governor’s front door on MLK day.
–          Washington, D.C. trip: If you are interested, contact Occupy Flint at
–          Talk on National Defense Act, indefinite detention.  Art of war, know your enemy.  Want people to call and ask him to veto.  Want to set up a larger way to do this.  Powers that be are very scared that we are becoming very violent.  Want to communicate that we are very peaceful.

  • Counterpoint: Proposal to call president is misguided because he is prepared to sign the law. But appealing the president and the “powers that be” is wrong and should be avoided.

–          Propose that we go and welcome troops home, thanking them for their service.  Saying “Welcome home, brothers and sisters. Have some candy! Please don’t arrest us.”

  • Counterpoint: Have already brought in troops in place to stop rebellion b/c of economic collapse.  Should tie it in with all this other stuff.
  • Rebuttal: Clarify what idea is. Peace activist. Wording is important.
  • Proposal to welcome home troops turned down by Assembly after blocks and several disagreements. This is prompting a discussion and meeting to further review the returning troops and outreach opportunities.

Summit Planning

–          Next Summit: January 7th, 2012 in Ann Arbor

  • More details will be released as they become available.

–          Following Summit: January 19th, 2012 in Flint (unless otherwise noted).

  • Kalamazoo has express interest, but was not present at the meeting.
  • If contacts and arrangements can be made with an occupation from western Michigan, plans may change, but until then, the plan is for Flint.
  • Possible Direct Action: Take seats at bus station in Flint until after bus leaves and security tells people to leave. Great action to sit in the seats in front of the Rosa Parks statue.


–          PROPOSAL: Have an agenda template that we follow.

  • Proposal that this template be used. (
  • Amendment Proposal: There be no working group reports
    • Amendment: 5-7 min for Occupation Report Backs
  • Amendment Proposal: If Announcements are at end of meetings, no one listens to them, people leave after Proposals.
    • Amendment: Announcements are moved before Proposals.
  • Proposal with altered agenda passed by the Summit Assembly.

–          PROPOSAL: Summit Statement of Purpose and Guidelines

–          PROPOSAL: Each of the different occupations begin to work toward a sustainability work group and a statement across the Occupations.

  • Consensus is given and Occupiers will report back to their Occupations to try and form such a group. Contact Killian from Occupy Detroit to begin coordinating communication.


–          Raphael from Occupy Lansing: Ron Paul is supporting several issues that are in our interests.  Has said some good things occupy movement. Would like others to join him and temporarily become republicans and swarm the primaries.
–          Car pool to Findley to demonstrate in support of Steel Workers. Contact:
–          When planning for summit, florescent lights hurt some people’s eyes, try to avoid those spaces.
–          Emergency manager law petition is available for registered voters to sign.
–          Really focus on “State of the State” event and come together and come to the Capitol and make a nuisance of ourselves.  Let’s blow up 18th of January.
–          Discussion group to meet in the next 2 or 3 weeks. Details are to be announced, contact Mark Tucker. Topic is detainees and to welcome home the troops.
–          Announcement that the amount of methane coming from seabed is about 100 x that what it was 2 years ago, means we are probably past tipping pt for methane.  Will mean much more global warming.
–          People can spend night at 5900 Michigan Avenue if too tired to drive back.

Close Summit

–          Due to time constraints, we were unable to take time for the soap box.

Note for the next Summit:

–          There were a lot of great ideas, but we need people willing to take point on those ideas. If you have an idea for an Action or Event, perhaps make a full proposal and be willing to spearhead that event. Putting ideas out is great, but if nobody actually implements them, they get lost in the shuffle and passage of time.

3rd Inter-Occupational Summit in Lansing! (December 3rd, 2011)

Where is everyone from?
  • Lansing
  • Flint
  • Ann Arbor
  • Ypsi
  • Occupy For All
  • Kalamazoo
  • Saginaw
  • Bay City
  • Syracuse, New York
  • Detroit
Occupy For All reviews hand signals – Thanks, Kent!ISSUES

Let’s talk over-all; what are the things that the state cares about? What is our battle plan? Let’s create a list of our issues!
    • Emergency Manager
    • Fear of the Occupy Movement
    • S1867 & Carl Levin
    • We need more diversity!
    • Making this all inclusive for every human being on the planet
    • Jobs, money out of politics
    • Fix the education system
    • Recall Snyder!
    • Foreclosures
    • Corporate Person-hood
    • Medicinal Marijuana
    • Fluoride in our water and food
    • Continuing this as a grass roots, people based, compassion and empathy oriented movement
    • Keeping corporations from stealing MI water supply
    • Disarming Nukes
    • Anti-Military spending
    • Keeping Food Local
    • Internal occupation issues
    • Maintaining truth and trust among occupiers
    • Infrastructure among physical occupations
    • Police looking at unmanned drones
    • Prison system is a lucrative business
    • Message of non-violence
    • Ending the federal reserve
    • Raising awareness of how lobbying affects our politics
    • Health care crisis in america and in our state
    • Integration of sustainable energies; overall sustainability
    • Urban agriculture, beautify neighborhoods
    • Cost of education at college level
    • Reforming our immigration laws
    • Networking amongst the occupations; sharing resources
    • Getting off of third party reliance (cell phones, facebook, etc)
    • Keeping it real!
    • Integrating more democratically run/owned business
    • Anti-fracking
    • Simplify our lifestyle
    • Get back to what our country is founded on
    • Paying more attention to entitlement and privilege issues
    • Puppy mills
    • Racial equality
    • Remembering that we’re all on the same side!!!
    • Bring the troops home, stop stealing other countries resources
    • Tax the top!
    • Stop outsourcing our jobs
    • Get rid of unconstitutional laws
    • Situation with the banks
    • Create more attractions to Michigan to bring people in to the state

We will come back to this in a bit –  are going to organize this list so that we can discuss it as a group!

Occupy Detroit
NEIL – passed a proposal within Occupy Detroit; would like to propose it here
“The Non-Aggression Principal”

      • “Do not initiate physical force for any purpose; this is to be defined as but not limited to assault, vandalism or destruction of property; this does not include reasonable actions of self-defense, reasonable acts of self-defense have the goal of de-escalating any conflict.”
        • the summit reaches consensus on this principal

Occupy Kalamazoo, Occupy Lansing
-Proposal to see if as an inter-occupational meeting we can take direct action together re: S1867

  • Best we can do right now is get a veto? Call and email the White House
  • Is that all we can do? How can we trust congress and the supreme court? (How can we trust that they will stop it)
  • We need to break this open into the public view! Most people aren’t even aware of it
  • Could we get all the direct action working groups in MI to show up outside Carl Levin’s office?
  • Chris W.; The guy from Kzoo; works with NBC for OWS,
  • Can we pass a moratorium to block the whole bill?
  • there’s other stuff in there too; it is 900 pgs long
  • Is it just Carl Levin? – POP
  • Let’s form a group? CONSENSUS
  • Let’s pick a date and time RIGHT NOW
  • The bill was passed Thursday the 1st; Dec 15th is two weeks from now
  • Anyone interested, meet up after
Occupy Bay City
Glenn Occupy Everywhere Myron

March on the Capitol on March 17th

  • Mt. Pleasant wants to march from their city to Lansing; it was postponed
  • Every city across the state marches to the capitol; hopefully this will happen around the country as well
  • Is this Occupy Convergence? – No, that’s in January; this should kick off the spring
  • Does this conflict with marching on the country capitol?
  • There could be a reactionary call; this may come as a result of the passing of the internet censorship bill, etc, and we should be ready to move quickly as a result
  • Monday, Jan 26th is the 175th anniversary of MI statehood; we should do something this day; this is the day for OUR state
  • Get buses, get musicians, make it huge?
  • Why not do both? Lets do more actions, more things
  • Dates are important, but numbers are more important, so we may want to do it in warmer weather
  • Saint Patrick’s day; could make money for occupation
  • Let’s not underestimate our ability to use the winter to show our strength
  • OWS didn’t say, hey, everyone come to Wall Street – they said have a GA in every corner of every street; doing something on the same day doesn’t detract
  • We can set an example for other states, encourage them to take action on their anniversary too
-Nathan Fancy from Unite Detroit; we want to establish a communications hub; regionally first, then nationally, then internationally ; want to create an Alter-Net, an inter-occupational network – POP: this is off topic
  • Yes, we get something going in the Spring, but let’s take advantage of the date; let’s use it to put a call out to the rest of the State; let’s awaken them
  • All these ideas are wonderful; doesn’t have to be an either or; let’s get together an plan!
  • OK, the point here seems to be are we going to march to the capitol in March, or should we wait for better weather?
  • Not just march, but bike, ride, get there any way you can!
  • Will we camp when we get there? Will we be able to sustain it?

Q: What is the intention/purpose/demands for this event?
A: The same things we’ve been asking for all along! This is a half-way there changing point; when spring comes, we will awaken!

  • The idea is to have it be a week-long thing; the idea would be to have enough people here to shut down the capitol; we’re a little iffy about this idea
  • Promote them all, why not? Let’s make it viral, let the people choose
  • Why not memorial day weekend for the march?
  • The season may matter more than the date
  • How about Tax Day?

WHAT’S THE OVERALL QUESTION? Should we be marching to the capitol from our homes on March 17th?

  • No Consensus
  • Will it even be possible to walk there? What if there is a blizzard?
  • We’re gonna kick this to working group; Glenn will be getting contact info from people who want to help out
Occupy Lansing
JOHN; Proposal to adopt a statement of Autonomy; the only things changed from NYCGA was changing it to Lansing instead of Wall Street; this was proposed at the Lansing GA, but postponed to this meeting
Q: Is this for all of us, or just for Lansing?
A: Just for Lansing
Q: What do you want to do with it?
A: This is not just a statement, it’s a legal matter; let’s put it everywhere!
Q: Does Lansing have associated affiliated groups? Are they beholden to the GA?
A: Unable to answer the question
  • The finance committee is creating a non-profit, this would affect that group
  • An affiliated action group; they meet Sundays at 5; they bring their proposals to the GA, but they will do things even if the GA doesn’t approve
  • Rafe; will support begrudgingly; will this prevents us from ever supporting a candidate?
  • Edge has had her hand up for a long time; Denise points out that there are a lot of men speaking; we need to hear everyone’s voice
  • Do other occupations have something like this that they have in place?
  • Do we want to be able to support candidates? Sometimes using the political parties
  • Maybe this should be something that Lansing works on in more detail?
  • this is important that it prevents people from co-opting us; people may say they are associated with us, but we make it clear that if we don’t say
  • Our ability to be autonomous is central to this movement! No occupy should find a way to circumvent our autonomy
  • Does non-partisanship really prevent us from supporting a candidate? We don’t have to support a formal party
  • Since this is a Lansing proposal, we can’t vote on it, we shouldn’t be discussing it
  • Some congressmen stand up for us, how can they stand up for us if we can’t stand up for them?
  • Why do we need to endorse a candidate? Why can’t we pick an ordinary person and endorse that person?
  • Occupy is based off of autonomous action; if you want to support a candidate, you go do that; you can do that on your own. Trying to throw the weight of the Occupy movement behind a candidate undermines the full purpose of the movement
  • There is a question of doing anything necessary; people do not like that term; but do we want to work within the system or not? POP – this is turning in to a discussion away from the actual proposal
  • John, I want to help support this as an inclusive, not an exclusive movement
  • The reason for this statement is so that we don’t become the very thing we seek to defeat
  • Just putting this online encourages “slacktivism”
  • This is not a binding issue; can’t each occupation take it back
  • When one occupation supports a candidate, it causes a domino effect that destroys our movement
  • This is important to talk about; we should take these back to our occupations and discuss them
Bay City
Kimberly; Bay City is holding phone conferences – this is a great way for us to connect!
  • The number is 1-712-432-0190- access code – 575834; they have these meetings every Monday at 9 pm
  • and interoccupy cafe; other groups are also doing conference calls
Zak from Lovify
  • Remember the internet can be helpful; that’s how that movement started!
  • Let’s go to the capitol right after this! Let’s go have a cuddle pile on the capitol after this!
  • We are supposed to decide our next location and time of meeting here?
Occupy Lansing

Ken from DIRECT ACTION TEAM in Lansing

  • Usually have more people at these meetings than at their GA’s
  • Did a black Friday Mic Check
  • Sent out press releases, got media attention
  • Did a Carl Levin thing
  • Took less than 24 hours to plan
  • Went to his office and had petitions

NEXT Summit?
-Did we decide? Should we?
-This was decided last Summit – it will be in Detroit; Thursday the 15th

Direct Action – Occupy everyone’s yard – get a tent up in every person’s yard!

(Sorry, guys, this is a little confusing right now; I’m not sure where we are on stack)


We’re back!

  • Next Summit will be in Detroit; the Detroit GA has not approved it – Unite Detroit; supports it! We are welcome to use the space there; 5900 Michigan Ave
  • Occupy For All offers to facilitate the meeting, since we are not affiliated with a specific occupation; we can provide a neutral interface
Q: When you say the GA did not approve, what do you mean?
A: Very diplomatic answer, but essentially the 5900 Affinity group is getting consistently blocked by the Detroit GA; they are viewed as a ‘breakaway’ group
Q: So, do we go to the affinity group’s space or do we meet at Detroit?
  • Dave, Occupy Detroit; the block was in regards to using the 5900 space – possibly due to legal issues?
  • 1515 Broadway is hosting the GA’s currently
  • It seems that the block was regarding hosting the summit at 5900; not hosting the summit in general
  • So we are going to aim to have the summit at Detroit at 1515 Broadway; if the Detroit GA will not approve the summit, we will have the summit at 5900 Michigan Ave

There is a bit of a confusion regarding process; are we on stack or soapbox? – We are opening stack!

Nathanael proposes that we decide the next summit today and we have it at Ann Arbor

  • Cool, do we need to have the summit at a place with a camp?
  • No, we have it any where there is action
  • Should we figure out the next summit, or the next, next summit?
  • This is confusing!!
  • Holiday issues – do we need to postpone?
  • How about Saturday January 7th, 2012, in Ann Arbor? – Yes, consensus on it!

David – proposal; the summit should be focused on inter-occupational working groups and report backs, not broad, general discussion, and not be the summit visiting the local GA. – Consensus!

Girl in a black shirt; suggesting planning things outside of GA’s, then bring them to the GA; She is essentially suggesting that occupations form working groups; she is teaching basic process

  • How things get done; they bring up ideas and brainstorm through them individually; then bring the proposal to the GA; if it doesn’t pass, then it needs to go back to the work group and get hashed out.
  • People get a chance to speak a lot when there is a camp; it is good to have an open discussion, without a camp GA’s go slower;
  • In Ann Arbor, they suggest having a GA every other week, and an Open Soap Box in the weeks in between to open conversations and discussion

Woman from Lansing; We need to stop dividing our selves; stop putting things ahead of the movement as a whole; reads a quote from Martin Luther King

    • “On some occasion, cowardice asks the question, ‘is it safe?’ Expedience asks the question, “is it political?” And vanity comes along and asks, “is it popular?”, but conscious asks the question, “Is it right?” And then comes the time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor political, nor popular, but because it is right.”

Chris W. from Kzoo; are we interested in getting a google group or some facilitation to open the conversation

  • Occupy for All will help host this

Zak – I am the 100%; I don’t have money, I have love; I want a better world no matter what we have to do (except hurting anyone)

Michigan Peace Network; if you want to announce anything about occupy through them, that may be a chance; there will be more than a hundred different peace based groups there; many delegates

Suggestion from Pey from Lansing that events are arranged around the holidays; to help promote understanding and family friendly atmosphere; open eyes!

Rafe from Lansing reads his Occupation “song”?

Edge from Lansing; applauds Zak’s statement; but she is an occupier; there is a problem with conflicts at GA’s scaring people away

    • We have to discuss, not argue
    • need to focus on checking emotions; focus on de-escalating the issue
    • what about having a conflict resolution teach-in?
    • Every occupy should educate themselves; they can learn how to communicate in new ways; we should share this info, maybe through inter-Occupational groups
    • Active listening!
    • Check out this concept:
    • Michigan Peace Team could do a training on that! They will travel; contact blonde lady!
    • Canvassing training went well today; we can have that training in other cities as well!
    • Let’s have pot lucks to invite people to; not just the GA so that they have a positive experience!
      • It is illegal in MI to have a pot-luck dinner
      • What about an “eating club”? Yay, Denise!
      • You say, this is not a restaurant, this is only my home; I am inviting you as a guest, in to my home; then those magic words get you around that legal issue
Lansing closes their GA with a song and Dancing! We play “I’ll Occupy”, but no one can hear it; Link will be posted


Thanks, Lansing!