General Assembly Facilitator and Process Training Agenda


Facilitator and Process Workshop
February 25th, 2012
NorthStar Center, Lansing

Introduction to Workshop

–          Introduce Workshop Team

  • Co-Facilitator: Kent
  • Co-Facilitator: Kat
  • Stack:
  • Notes:

–          Introduce Attendees

  • Name and Occupation

Introduction to Process

–          Review Hand Signals
–          Consensus on Process

Agenda (5 min.)

–          Review Workshop Purpose

  • This is a Workshop focused on Process and Facilitator training, as well as an opportunity to share past experiences in regards to process and facilitation.

–          Brief Agenda Review
–          Agenda Plug-Ins

  • Questions – Discussion at End
  • Comments/Stack – Discussion at End

–          Vibes Check on Agenda

Introduction to General Assemblies

–          Introduce Workshop Style

  • General Assembly Style
  • What is a General Assembly?
  • Brief History of GAs and Occupy
  • How is a General Assembly formed?
  • What is the purpose of a General Assembly?

The Importance of Process

–          What is Direct Democracy?
–          What is Consensus?

  • Does this need consensus? (Chart)

–          Why do we use process?
–          Does the process always have to be the same?
–          The importance of Consensus on Process

The Roles

–          Facilitator
–          Co-Facilitator/Shield
–          Notes
–          Stack
–          Vibes Checker
–          Greeter
–          Observer

  • Checklist

Using General Assemblies and Process

–          General Assemblies as used…

  • Camp
  • No Camp

–          Hand Signals

  • I have something to say! (Chart)

–          Facilitation

Beyond the General Assembly

–          Committee vs. Working Group (Chart)

  • Point People vs. Committee Heads
  • Leaders vs. Rulers

–          Action Groups
–          The Importance of Autonomous Action
–          What’s in a name?
–          Movement vs. Organization/Corporation 


–          Questions that weren’t covered
–          Open Discussion

Close Workshop

–          Feedback, Other Questions/Comments


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