The 8th Inter-Occupational Summit Notes

Thanks to Jessica from Occupy Lansing for taking notes for this event!

Eighth Inter-Occupy Summit
February 18, 2012, 7 pm
Lansing, Michigan

Facilitator:  Roman
Note Taker:  Jessica

I.  Introductions

II.  Stack

A.  National Guard drone training base protest suggested at last summit in Kalamazoo
-extensive domestic surveillance possible but drones are also used for bombing
-HR 658 – FAA Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act signed into law this week
-National Guard used for domestic purposes and combined with NDAA, wide range of abuses possible
-Occupy Kalamazoo suggested this event
-PROPOSAL:  table until next summit – CONSENSUS

B.  G8 Summit protest proposed in Chicago from 5/19-5/20 at last summit in Kalamazoo
-Occupy Flint has 40+ capacity bus and may be able to help with transportation if fuel costs are covered
-a good source of communication for organizing national events is, which has conferences online
-wiretapping laws involved in Chicago where people will be arrested for recording public officers, although there is a lawsuit pending
-Midwest Occupy Conference in St. Louis coming up
-Chris from Occupy Kalamazoo received information from Occupy members organizing for the G8 Summit, and they left their contact information
-Occupy for All is working on an Inter-Occupational mailing list
-PROPOSAL:  table until next summit – CONSENSUS

C.  Emergency Manager law – comment by Dustin
-petitions to repeal Emergency Manager law due 2/22 and they will be delivered altogether on Wednesday, 2/29
-celebration at Central United Methodist Church in Lansing off Capitol and Ottawa at 11:30 am
-approximately 205,000 turned in and 160,000+ valid signatures needed by law
-by law, EM law can’t be used again until November once enough signatures are verified unless stopgap legislation is passed; although there is no such law currently in committee
-there are witnesses verifying the integrity of the signature verification process

D.  Inter-Occupy Summit scheduling
-representatives from Occupy Lakeshore believe every two weeks for summits is too frequent
-Discussion over weekly teleconferencing and monthly physical meetings begin
-Observation:  less frequent meetings lead to people forgetting meetings and lower attendance; thus such an arrangement could possibly backfire
-teleconferencing difficult to facilitate
-there is importance in having a face-to-face meeting with the momentum of biweekly actions
-summits may conflict with other meetings, but reducing frequency could further reduce participation
-Observation:  summits should be priority over regular meetings
-possibility to reduce actions down to once a month with larger actions, because people may be more likely to prioritize the summit if it only meets monthly
-with dwindling numbers during the winter time, the summit empowers cities they are being planned in
-Grand Rapids is excited to have its meeting
-disagreement over summit scheduling being proposed
-movement becoming technology based, and summits are designed to include those individuals
-prior summits have been planned two weeks in advance
-PROPOSAL:  weekly teleconferencing and monthly physical meetings replace current summit schedule – NO CONSENSUS
-planning actions a month in advance helps with turnout (Occupy the PGA has a goal of 10,000 people and has been promoted since the end of September)
-set of Inter-Occupational guidelines suggest action in city of each summit but not required
-use hash tag #allhandsondeck for events activists need help with
-Occupy Lakeshore will host Inter-Occupational Summit on 3/3
-Occupy Grand Rapids will host Inter-Occupational Summit on 3/17
PROPOSAL:  end all discussion on stack item and go on five minute break – CONSENSUS

E.  Occupy Michigan mailing list
-Kent created Google Group, which has a current total of 35 people and useful for promoting events
-sign up on contact sheet being passed around (only Kent has access to information)
-group is currently open and there is an option for a daily digest
-positive feedback on Occupy Lansing listserv

F.  Facilitator Training Saturday, 2/25, at Northstar in Lansing at 2 pm
-Occupy for All has seen what works and what doesn’t
-very important to resolve fighting, which breaks down the group
-email, and Occupy for All will come to your town; special and unique questions should be emailed in advance
-working on national connections with long term goal to focus on national issues

G.  Comments from Rev. Pinkney from Benton Harbor
-“People’s Tribune” newspaper accepting articles – send to Rev. Pinkney ( in the next week to be in next month’s paper, which is sent out across the nation
-Occupy the PGA Saturday, 5/26, in the middle of the golf course in Benton Harbor
-lawyers and security will be there so no one gets arrested unless they want to
-Rachel Maddow and Michael Moore haven’t confirmed their attendance but have not said no
-focus on college campuses and expanding numbers that way
-march will occur on Wednesday, 5/23
-working to ensure streets clear and camping on the beach possible
-targets are Whirlpool and KitchenAid
-PROPOSAL:  all hands on deck at G8, where Rev. Pinkney will be speaking, and for Occupy the PGA – CONSENSUS
-PROPOSAL:  Benton Harbor to host 5/26 Inter-Occupational Summit at Occupy the PGA – CONSENSUS

H.  Lansing Move to Amend
-Roman – elected president and Justin – elected co-president; acting as contacts between Move to Amend and Occupy Lansing
-working for a 28th Amendment saying corporations are not people and money can be regulated but not through a Constitutional Convention – rather pressure federal legislators through voter initiatives to pass the amendment and send to the states for ratification by three-fourths of the states
-next Move to Amend meeting Saturday, 5/25, from 5-6:30 pm at Northstar in Lansing
-concerns Sen. Bernie Sanders’s amendment proposal not strong enough
-contact for more information

I.  Flint considering shutting down City Hall because of hikes in water bills due to privatization of water
-people are protesting by not paying their water bills
-questions about widespread water shutoffs and support for the city residents
-PROPOSAL:  keep thinking about event and spread to other occupations – CONSENSUS

J.  Ninth Inter-Occupational Summit Saturday, 3/3, at 7 pm being hosted by Occupy Lakeshore
-flier passed out and information will be published now after this summit to avoid confusion
-contact and
-Occupy Lakeshore covers a larger area than Occupy Muskegon
-great handouts and planning for upcoming meeting

K.  Agenda for Ninth Inter-Occupational Summit
-Move to Amend will announce its new organization but concerns brought up over avoiding official affiliations due to accusations of co-opting
-any announcement can be made at the end of the summit
PROPOSAL:  move on to announcements unless someone wants to add another item to the agenda for the next summit – CONSENSUS

III.  Announcements
-“Revolution Truth” panel discussion on YouTube – very interesting presentation
-Occupy for All has an Inter-Occupational calendar with all events across the state on website in order to enhance turnout at events
-Occupy Detroit saved its fourth home from the eviction process by using a law requiring a dumpster be placed in front of the house to hold homeowner’s belongings and blocking the street so the dumpster couldn’t be placed
-Occupy Flint camp has reached its four month mark


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