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Hand signals review


Stack with numbers – no names for ease

Quick intro – name, where you’re from



Hastings, MI

New York

Paw Paw

Ann Arbor

Grand rapids


G –


Three Rivers


Wall Street

St. Louis

Ft. Wayne



Check-in, Basic info

St Louis – Midwest occupation

–       Occupy St. Louis – national conference; 30 cities so far; teach ins speakers etc. planning for G8 summit and actions; march 15-18 – Occupy St. Patrick’s day march; educational learning experience; many occupies coming together; limited posters for information! Can collect contact info – various websites, FB event sites – St Louis is hosting, but not SL affair – everyone participating has helped plan the event as well as attending – give them contact info, but also contact Zack:;  What do you need help with? Need logistical support – food, tents, basic stuff; there will be camping and alternative housings for people who don’t want to camp; be prepared to camp by bringing your own tent and some food (can’t feed everyone!) there is a WePay account for donations – any amount is helpful!

Occupy Chicago – G8

What the political and legal environment of Chicago and motivation of why ppl should attend; invites from OC for spring events: Rachel from OC press committee, Super Bowl occupation retaking the camp tonight! OC has April 7th – all allies and occupiers in Chicago to take to the streets – we are here and strong and ready for the Spring; Adbusters has called on people to camp – not OC call to action, but they want to participate, look for call to action in the future; OC wants to help occupations in the region to help out with press – contacts, press releases, media list – will help train and education – contact: direct request to Rachel

Coalition against NATO G8 – giving ideas of what to expect in May; gathering of global 1% – unique opportunity to push back, life time opportunity! Do not allow the 1% to intimidate you – this is something they’ve tried to do; head of chi chamber of commerce (people should be boarding up windows etc.) police training 1300 cops in riot duty; sit-down shut-up ordinances rammed through city ordinance website  series of articles about anti-protester ordinances they just rammed through; almost all of this is permanent, the G8 protests are just an excuse to pass these so quickly; quadrupled the penalty for violation of parade permit ordinances; if you put in parade permit you have to have 1 million dollars insurance, and guarantee that the city won’t have to pay for damage, banner or sound equipment carried by more than two people have to have permission prior; Chicago is a one party town – controlled by democratic party; NATO G8 summits are good time for rahm Emanuel – “mayor 1%” – leading recipient of campaign donations, very pro war, no accident that G8 and NATO are in Chicago – unique opportunity for our side – Despite Chicago 1968, that was the beginning of the end of the Vietnam War – our movement exposed the brutality of the 1% on both parties; Pres Obama’s big party – going into election year. This will be extremely important time to push back. DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED. Working with NLG, have a permitted march for sat May19, national Nurses’ union march, whole ton of un permitted stuff; may 12-13 there will be stuff. Question: for those who cant’ go and spend a whole month – hoping events will be posted, or other contact info? May 19-21 are summits; events around national delegations in preceding days.  Can we get more detail? Place to camp? That was called out by Adbusters, so logistics are not planned – OC has to deal with that, no place to actually camp, no places to rally etc. – that needs to be organized if that happens. Is NATO/G8 is that a hot topic beyond Midwest occupations? Great deal of discussion already, OK is already enthusiastic about it; the G8 issue is universal for occupies all around the world; how do Michiganders transport themselves? – march route for permitted march on May 19; national special security action – federal government can come in and wipe out permits or dramatically curtail; logistical information will be up within 3 or 4 days – ride board, housing board are in development – hope something will be up within a week; south shore – that takes you within four blocks of the sat may 19th march; detailed information of how to get from all forms of transportation; churches have offered up camping spaces – there is 0 overnight public space in Chicago (same problem in 1968); international focus – questions from all around the world; austerity measures going in Europe have people pissed off at G8 and their own governments. McCormick Place on the lakeshore is where the actual G8 meeting takes place. Email Andy Thayer for more information (also on FB):

Question: show up in waves? Or do we have a plan b, mass arrests every day?  This is why we’ve been working with NLG for several months – can’t guarantee there wont’ be arrests, basically been organizing this since July – the city has arrested organizers repeatedly; 65 million dollars on “security” – how can you spend that money when you just cut mental health clinics in Chicago by half? Believe we are winning PR battle; What can we do to help? COME. Just be there (answer met with cheers and applause)

Democracy Now march 30

Now DC wants and DC spring in March

Want different occupies to endorse it

March 30 – show unity en masse of occupy movement

Money of go government is biggest message; negotiating dates (arrive on 30th, 7th is teach in etc., a concert a week after) how might we consolidate it all, so if people can’t come for a whole month or 3 weeks show we have mass numbers

Sign up sheet – want one person from each occupy – take a statement to your GA to see if we get endorsements (right now there are 11 on the list, including Wall Street) really the first nationwide thing – looking for people who will coordinate outreach and to start out with, people can join the call tomorrow at 9 on interoccupy – you have to sign up (  they will have info for call – also

January 17th gathering – that was nationwide, how is this different? How will it be more than that? We will make it that – its up to us, we already have several thousand people who are on the calls that people will participate it – we need to grab it, grab a hold of it and show unity – powerful statement

Is the 30th the main day for that?  Yes, but stuff going on after that; the 30th – probably one massive one for people, but then others can stick around

American Spring – motive of the whole action? Context to be read (proposal) – its being rewritten (needs to be what we’re for as much as what we’re against) This is about a visibility thing, to show people that we’re here

Contact:; for more info

Part of occupy groups from DC? Nope, from K-zoo; occupy only? Initiated by occupy, but other groups are welcome to participate

Organizing by region off the country; anyone wants to be a regional rep would be great

STL conference – Now DC could be a great opportunity for a teach in and getting more people involved

There are many DC events, is there a way to communicated, coordinate? Others probably have more specific focus; this is supposed to show solidarity;

In DC MacPherson park there wasan occupation; October 11 a coalition of groups that did a sit in on freedom plaza – same time as OWS so it turned into occupy – so lots of those same groups merged and want March 30

Different groups don’t get along – heard that Occupy groups might be getting together; as of January 17th there are still two separate groups


Printed media

New Idea in K-Zoo is to network with smaller towns around our city; so printed material to help people understand and get educated about occupy, gmos, corporations etc.. – solid facts and figures (some in center of circle) – also has flash drive of folder full of graphics (find Lee) is contact

Citation or bibliography verifying Just grabbing – but says fact check it, let him know if stuff isn’t accurate and he’ll pull it;

Most of the charts do have website citation

Video all GAs in their entirety and put it online – surprising number of people will sit through a 3 hour video (25-50 hits on each video) Decided as a group to never shut off camera, though sometimes edited – like name calling, or revealing info about medications etc. it gets edited – if its harmful to their group or another group it’s cut

Printed Media is working with Google docs, but is a learning experience, so it’s developing

Occupy Lakeshore

List of grievances

Petition for a regress of grievances – agreed by the GA

Asked to meet with reps in Washington – but are going to send them the list – get a feel for a temp check with our group on what they have

At end of reading, met with applause!

Fear of corporations taking over our schools, esp. with citizens united – so that money will go to school board members who will make our schools owned by corporations – huge concern;

How do we integrate this into the march 30th demonstration; also can health care as number 3 not 10? These aren’t’ in order of importance

Once nice and cleaned up – put it on the internet and have people sign it; it is posted on Facebook page and; move on has a spot online you can make petitions with and they’ll take it for you to government; will also allow you to post petitions

Occupy Muskegon with news (OM News)

Free media and reporting of events is the only guarantor that democracy has had; w/o free media democracy doesn’t stand a chance. Pair in Muskegon own the Muskegon paper; dozen people were at city council meeting protesting and spoke at city council meeting; local news all the arguments of contractor (who paid 3.5 million for property) and nothing of protesters – but they stopped that silence, because they have their own news, following up with their own research, presenting news to the public – doing the job of the media – refusing to be interviewed by news (OMN is actually interviewing main news sources)\omnews

Encourage community to write articles, research, investigative, editorials etc. and other occupy groups can and should send them materials and to use it as a means/nexus of sharing information; all occupies should start their own – become a people’s news, not a corporate news

Send news: on webpage but,

Lots of info on fb page still

Request of OMNews: will you take over Michigan media center, collective that abandoned project – but still around, perhaps take it over and we can all use it?

Is there a sense of peace and tranquility of being “Occupy Om”? (laughter and applause)

Occupy Report backs (2 min each)

Occupy Lakeshore – petition; occupy congress on Jan 16/17 participation – news says several hundred, but blatantly wrong – media came during first part of the day (meet and greet etc.) then media left for the day, actual march later on – 3000+ people in the march; more clear and concise report – Russia Today and Taiwanese news had most accurate representation of it; participation of community college, did q and a etc.

Occupy Muskegon – quick recap; campsite was in early days, lasted 2 months, not enough campers for security (private land with permission); now meeting in private homes; museum of afro American history in hopes of making contact with more diverse groups; city commission meetings, township board meetings; also emergency action to prevent smoke stack demolition; monitoring situation of Muskegon heights – may be shutting schools down in 3 weeks due to lack of funds; investigation into the few million dollars a school lost to a ponzi scheme; been having movie nights – peak oil, federal reserve, transition movement films; newsletter WEST WIND has been published; OM News has not officially launched but is running; several benefit concerts in blues bar; doing those to raise money; have about 15 active (active!) members working around the clock; any given times someone will be up streaming articles and posting things – very tight hardworking crew. Want to recruit new members within next month or two; future will be very active. Also have been working with city boards to remove fluoride from the water; working on county banking;

Occupy Grand Rapids – trying to get occupy our homes together – help prevent foreclosures by occupying lawns and preventing police; talks of general strikes; move to amend group formation – us constitutional amendment to prevent corporate personhood; slowly making progress on an occupy coloring book will eventually put it in pdf form; Google: occupy community bill of rights – lawyers put together a document (on AlterNet, perhaps?) for cities and you plug in your city and state name; really free market – no money sales! No camp because people were pooping in it

Occupy Ann Arbor – momentarily died, but coming back!

Occupy Lansing – Lansing move to amend will have its first meeting at going wired café – 2121 east mi ave; feb 18th corporate personhood rally at state capitol in Lansing; wants contacts from people working on move to amend email for Lansing move to amend (also Facebook) Occupylansingoutreach  Meeting every Sunday for general assemblies, at 5 we’ve been doing DA meetings

Occupy Paw Paw/Lawrence – small so far, go out weekly and picket, talk to people, no camp yet, but making baby steps to catch up

Occupy Kalamazoo – biggest event so far has been this summit; focusing really hard on foreclosures and with moratorium now etc.; K-Zoo is still small, but growing and merging; Occupy Detroit had a victory with the Garrison’s home (yeah!) Needing to understand how to be more organized in order to prepare for all the amazing things happening this spring and summer. There is another communication manner – – set up of national phone conferences (Monday night is the largest call 50-60 people at largest around country) only a communication method – no actual actions taken (NOAM CHOMSKY WAS ON A CALL OMG) all occupy oriented

Occupy Detroit – very involved in anti-foreclosure stuff; garrets, 1515 Broadway and another family were all saved from foreclosure!  Jeffery Whitters

Occupy West Palm Beach – big action, stopped infornt of Hugo Boss and mic checked why they were evil; GAIM conference – hedge fund managers (GIANT billion dollar things) and two arrests – but in Huffington post for disrupting conference; there is a camp and a bunch of people living at it; moved to old city hall

Sustainable economics for Occupy discussion

Rick Todd: Working on a project for a few years, Eco Village Development; in order to be effective with sustainable economics program; design is an armature to hang social entrepreneurial ideas on – main feature is replication; yurts for example, inexpensive way of living – way of fitting current villages to change and be eco village. Each village would be building another eco village as an economic activity – it’ll have an impact and economy of scale. Paper: Kalamazoo People Zoo – zoo where you can observe people living sustainably

Working group was established, but over holidays somewhat dissipated

But is passion – soon to build a “hobbit house” on some land

Eco village not just for Kalamazoo – because they plant others in other places – break away from main stream economy which is essentially the problem (infinite growth on a finite planet is ridiculous)

Contact Rick Todd

Transition movement – this is along the lines of TM – allows people to respond to marketing, you don’t have to change ideology to change mode of living

Summit planning

Occupy Lakeshore (in Grand Haven) – already have a hall to hold it in – putting together modular training program getting into occupy movement all the way through direct actions, what to do if you’re arrested etc.; members who are good activists and performed in different roles and they are bringing in people who have nation training  – people can decide what module they want to participate in throughout the day before the summit

Occupy Grand Rapids – will organize and possibly organize for March 17?


Conversion of Air National Guard, training center, in Battle Creek to launch drones, questions, discussion, reaffirm, proposal; drones will be going all over the world – more of a staging point – remote operators

Questions: we don’t know for sure if it’s just training or a drone center? They aren’t even sure, it sounds, that they don’t know what they’re doing; sounds like that pilots will be there piloting for recon and strikes; it has been called a drone unit

If we don’t have enough info now, perhaps we should discuss this at a later time – do research and reconvene at Lansing summit, or do a call prior to Lansing summit

Alterations to future summits?

Suggestion who has someone who comes in with laptop and portable printer – give contact info in advance and print it for everyone

Suggestion maybe a general time limit for talking – instead of asking opinion on how long people think they’ll talk for. Unless people talk to facilitators prior the meeting, or at least at the start

Suggestion maybe more of a stream lined process, slightly disorderly – the larger our groups will be the more difficult this kind of process will be

Suggestion interoccupy phone conversations have a standardized amount of time

Suggestion organize specific caucuses, like student occupations could be utilized – difference between occupying campuses vs cities; labor etc. or people involved more specifically in labor – that way we can bring them in and get them more involved; like an hour or two before the GA, focus on specific issues; bring together specific sectors of occupy together (could be implemented at the Grand Rapids summit when they hold it)

Methods of Communication

Everyone has email things – but if we all share emails with each other

Michigan Google group – email Chris with subject as : add to Google group  everyone has control of documents that are in Google group

Are there any methods that could be more useful or used better?

Some occupies will put out text lists for emergency actions – a text can be sent out to everyone, like a document is ready and people can be informed

Interoccupy – if these GAs we can set up a call like this and hold conference calls so we can also communicate      Occupy for all Facebook page

Any other way to get events onto an easy to use calendar?

Can we get a newsletter out to all occupations – like, Google docs site where each occupy can update each other weekly or however often through a newsletter format

Transportation to Chicago G8/NATO

Want strong Michigan contingent there (cheers)

Good to have as many people for a short and do-able time period, which involves transportation, and where people will stay if they’re not going to camp

Seeing that we need transportation

Carpools, or greyhound or train ticket; occupy bus! Staged buses in cities across the states – there is a site, logistics support for occupation (no other info about it) everyone pays a fee, but once you hit a certain number of people that will cover costs then everything is paid for (if threshold is not reached, money is refunded)

Fundraising issues (bail, healthcare?)

Shirts – Marie Mason against ice mountain bottling plant – in jail for 21 more years; her abusive ex-husband admitted to arson at genetic engineering facility. Connects degradation of environment with poor people. In solitary for a year so far

Close summit (Closed out with collective OM)


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