6th Inter-Occupational Summit in Flint! (January 19th, 2012)

6th Inter-Occupational Summit in Flint

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

No actual notes were taken at this meeting. Everything is being recalled from memory.

Introduction to Summit

Introduction of Facilitation Team:

  • Facilitator: Jake
  • Co-facilitator/Stack: Shadeed
  • Time: Jerin

Introduction of Attendees:

  • Occupy Metro Detroit
  • Occupy for All
  • Occupy Flint
  • Occupy Lansing

Intro to Process: Kent quickly reviewed hand signals

Agenda Overview

  • We took a single stack of issues we wanted to talk about. There were no plans for Occupation Report Backs. Everyone seemed fine with this.

Inter-Occupational Action Discussion

There was a discussion on Sovereignty, a process which allows people to give up their “contractual obligations” to the government, including turning in Driver’s License, Social Security Card, etc, etc. It essentially gives up some of your benefits and rights as a citizen, but it also grants you some sovereign rights as well. More information coming soon.

Kent made a proposal for the Inter-Occupational Summits to be moved to Saturdays exclusively. Because of the low turnout on Thursdays, it seems to be more beneficial to have the meetings on the weekend. The original intent was to have the ability for people that can’t show up on the weekend to show up on a weekday, but this wasn’t having the impact it should. Jerin made a counter proposal that there should be a Livestream Summit on the alternating weeks. Jerin and Kent are going to look in to this possibility. Consensus was reached on having the “travelling” Summits on Saturdays only.

Kent is creating an Occupy Michigan google group to sent announcements and urgent updates. This is not to be used for discussion. [email address] Talk to Kent after assembly to sign up or email him at occupyforall@gmail.com.

Jerin announced that the ACLU was looking to have a meeting with members of the Occupy Movement in Flint. He asked for a temperature check on the issue and it seemed like everyone was okay with the idea. Some concern was expressed about co-opting and it was taken under consideration and discussed, but overall, the group was in favor of meeting with the ACLU. An event will be organized.

Shadeed and Jake talked about trying to organize with Moratorium Now! and Occupy Our Homes in trying to find out information about Foreclosures and how to protest them. They decided to form a working group to research it.

Interest was brought up in creating an action against SOPA and PIPA. Kent suggested an action in support of Google in downtown Ann Arbor, protesting PIPA/SOPA. A group was created to organize such an event, but since SOPA and PIPA have been turned down in the days following the Summit, such an action may be unnecessary. This could be discussed at the next Summit.

Raphael from Occupy Lansing made the following statement:
“In light of the fact that the Supreme Court made a shameful 5:4 decision that corporations are persons, and recognizing that the group Move to Amend is a non-partisan effort to use the amendment process to refuse the Citizens United decision, we resolve that each Occupy should, if agreed upon by the General Assembly, contact Move To Amend at movetoamend.org, and work with them on our shared goal.”
There seemed to be a general agreement that this could be decided upon within the assemblies themselves. Throughout the meeting, there was concern over using the term “Occupy ______” in support of anything, because it speaks for more than just one group, it can speak for the entire movement. An example was brought up about the “Occupy Political Party” that was started in Washington D.C. without the consensus of the entire movement.

Jerin spoke about the upcoming General Assembly/Town Hall Meeting of Flint (not of Occupy Flint) and asked for help from other occupies in canvassing Flint and spreading the word. Edge from Lansing said that she could try to organize some people from Lansing to help. The event is set to take place on Friday, January 27th, from 6-9pm at the U of M Flint Kiva. The details of the event can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/events/234098966665360/. It is believed that the Flint Mayor as well as one of the State Representatives are expected to attend. All are welcome.

(I’m sorry, everyone, this is all I can remember. If you can think of anything I can add, please e-mail it to me at OccupyForAll@gmail.com)

Summit Planning

Next Summit will be Saturday, February 4th in Kalamazoo at 508 Denner Street, Kalamazoo, MI. The Facebook event can be found at: http://www.facebook.com/events/306523609384414/

The following summit will be Saturday, February 18th in Lansing, MI. Details to be announced at next summit.

Meeting Closed

#Occupy Kalamazoo
Saturday, February 4th @7pm


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