5th Inter-Occupational Summit in Ann Arbor! (January 7th, 2012)

5th Inter-Occupational Summit in Ann Arbor

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

Assembly was called to order 7:15pm – Adjourned at 10:10pm

Introduction to Summit

Reading of Occupy Wall Street Call to Action

Introduction of Facilitation Team:

  • Facilitator: Denise
  • Co-facilitator/Stack: Kent
  • Time: Maggie
  • Notes: Various People

Introduction of Attendees: Attendees came from all over, including…

  • Bridging 8 Mile
  • Occupy Detroit
  • Yspilanti
  • Occupy for All
  • Occupy Ann Arbor
  • Occupy Wall Street, New York
  • Milwaukee
  • Occupy Flint
  • Occupy Kalamazoo
  • Occupy UM
  • Occupy Benton Harbor
  • Occupy Our Homes
  • Occupy the Tri-Cities
  • Occupy Metro Detroit
  • Occupy Research

Intro to Process: Kent reviewed hand signals

Agenda Overview

  • Review Summit Purpose (Denise read purpose from agenda template)
  • Agenda Review (Denise reviewed agenda)
  • Agenda Plug-in (Kent took stack for proposals)

Occupation Report Backs

Occupy Detroit: Had assembly today. Don’t have camp, but have several spaces for meetings and office space. They’ve teamed up with various groups to do actions against library closings. 11 were arrested to one of these events.
There have been recent actions to repeal Public Act 4 (PA4 aka emergency manager law): emergency manager law means that 49% of black people in Michigan will be marginalized from the democratic process.
Unite Detroit Affinity Group has space at 5900 Michigan Ave
Several Detroit Occupiers have squats

Occupy Flint: Considering a bus sit-in for the next summit.

There are still tents up! Flint is the longest-standing northern-state encampment! They got solar and just finished assembling their wind turbine, which they will be installing shortly.

Check out occupyflint.org

Occupy for All: Ann Arbor-based group. Working on a Community Supported Food (CSF) project: people throw money in a pot or contribute labor or ingredients to feed people and share food. Brings people to the table sharing together. If you’re interested talk to Kent.

Regular action assemblies will resume shortly.

Going to be delivering supplies to Flint.

Inter-Occupy Calendar at occupyforall.wordpress.com

It was suggested time-bank might be useful to use with the CSF. Lansing has a time bank. They can help out. Also, has O4A looked in to CSAs? A Food-Not-Bombs model might be good for the CSF.

Occupy Kalamazoo: Been focusing on tax foreclosures. There is one neighborhood in K-zoo where each home is facing a tax foreclosure.

City commission in has been opposed to Snyder’s Domestic Partner Law. Looking to hold once-a-week benefits to bring awareness up and bring donations in. There will be musical acts!

Working on getting a .com website

Occupy Lansing: Working on foreclosure actions and awareness.

Planning community meetings to work with small groups of people

Preparing for Jan 18 State of The State

Occupy the Tri-Cities (Occupy the Tri): Rockupy the Tri. Summer concert. Coming up April or May – in planning now – music & artist & crafting event with discussion as well.

Teamspeak: this is a server where people can conference online. Occupy the Tri Facebook has info on this. Each occupation has its own room on this. One may record conference calls.

Occupy Wall Street (New York City): Andre from Brooklyn got on stack. He went to Zucotti after getting out of prison in mid-September. He had nowhere to live. Had no means, no money. Went to the park and was embraced and amazed by how people took him in. “It was like a refuge. It’s amazing to see you guys here and see how this protest and this movement has expanded. I’m really grateful. I’m really blessed to be here. This is the most important part. It’s the regions coming together. When I was at Zucotti, people from Kalamazoo came. If people came from someplace, they’ve had a place to say, they’ve had a place to meet.” Andre Helped in building and saw a sea of tents rise. Staying in Ann Arbor overnight.

A pair from NY is also visiting. They were there the last night of the occupation. People united to defend the park. It was inspiring.

Occupy Our Homes: Occupy Our Homes is an inter-occupy campaign focusing on foreclosures.

Model for the campaign to have teams of 5-6 that are able to handle the functions needed

There was a really successful action this Thursday. About 125 people in attendance. UAW 600 came out and helped the Henry family. They are not a union family, but in the areal of Local 600, which showed up in force. There was about 100 people there. All major media (TV and Print came out). Local 600 e-board is talking about producing an office/community center to build a social justice network. Central office to be brought together enabling closer interaction for the team. “Social Unionism”: expanding beyond collective bargaining. — organized labor can get involved with community.

Talk to anyone present about starting an Occupy Our Homes groups: Patti, Justin, Hans.

There are plans for educationals in the works. there are some retreats in the works, too.

Occupy Ypsilanti:
1st GA at was this afternoon Community Records, upper level of an Episcopal Church. Placement of Occupy Ypsi in the space brings many groups together with a common ground.  Much focus on community organizing. http://OccupyYspi.Tumblr.com

Occupy Metro Detroit:
First meeting at Gusoline Alley in Royal Oak on Sunday Jan 8.

Occupy UofM: The first GA was in November, followed by action where students handed out flyers and ppoke with those on campus about student debt situation and Occupy movement.

A big part of the Occupy UM platform concerns the accessibility of public education.

There was a mic-check at most recent regents meeting where they brought up issue of inaccessibility.

Next GA will be at Mason Hall – Facebook page for OccupyUM

Bridging 8 Mile: Getting to know each other is the key to bringing communities together. This groups specializes in bringing groups of strangers together to build affinity, love, and trust.

Events Jan 14 @ Fort St Presbyterian. Jan 15 @ Royal Oak Senior Center. Talk with David if interested. Website is http://bridging8mile.org

Occupy Ann Arbor: Warming Centers Initiative, now the Community Center Initiative. Started by campers at Liberty Plaza, which is a place where people who don’t have homes hang out. But during the winter there is no place for people to go. There is a homeless shelter in A2, but we’d like to start an alternative center where people can help each other, cultivate each other, cultivate talents and serve as a bridge between homeless and homed people. There might be a location set up soon. Q: Has anybody looked at the Borders? A: We’ve been demonstrating, but they aren’t going to give it to us. There was a hot-chocolate, fliering action this Wednesday.

Occupy A2 Direct Action has been active. There has been much involvement with Washtenaw Community Action Team, particularly on foreclosure action. Foreclosure Lawyer Jerry Goldberg spoke at WCAT meeting.

GAs will resume soon.

Teach-in upcoming on Jan 21 @ Michigan League – posted to Facebook & Occupy4All

Occupy Research: Collecting demographics for university research

Consensus on 5 minute break

Inter-Occupational Action Discussion

Consensus on 2 minutes for each individual presentation, followed by a 5 minute discussion of each topic

Kent is creating an Occupy Michigan google group to sent announcements and urgent updates. This is not to be used for discussion. [email address] Talk to Kent after assembly to sign up or email him at occupyforall@gmail.com.

Occupy Bulletin is being prepared for nation-wide.

Occupy Buses to actions around the state. Seeking leads on obtaining buses to support inter-occupy events – oh.thatmalkavian@gmail.com

March Across Michigan visiting the Occupy locations – RedFang151@gmail.com

Edge from Lansing: A street art campaign that connects the various occupations,, like Banksy. The plan is to find buildings whose owners would give us permission paint and use as a street billboard. The image would change regularly. Want to use USPS to send zip drives with plans for each billboard. Q: Could we combine this with the foreclosure protest and make a priority of using boarded up houses. A: We’ve contacted the land bank to see if we could use properties. S: We could also use canvas as a medium. S: Someone knows a man who works with the saginaw police dept: started Paint Saginaw. S: Rasturbator program. This will allow us to print big canvases. S: Occupy Happiness in Ann Arbor has been doing similar things. Edge: 1) will need a fund to buy flash drives. 2) Edge’s group will design the first one, then would like a second city to volunteer to do the next one. Contact Edge at fort.love.om@gmail.com

Occupy all political positions – Transpolitical issues are key to being present in a position before all political parties as these issues are being addressed. Ethical education and outreach is needed before moving into this action.
Three part plan: 1) How much is needed for notice? 2) Consideration of ethical issues per community and how they resonate? 3) Branding of the Occupy movement to elevate selected causes. greatlakesian@gmail.com

Michigan Peace and Justice Commission forming to continue work such as Social Forum. Stockholm has a global teach-in on April 25 for handling the new economy facing the Occupy movement. Michigan Peace Network – at Peace Education Center in East Lansing. Check with Alan for information megiddo@umich.edu. Warming Center in Ann Arbor needs to be open and available.
Mid June celebration of 1960’s protest movement – contact megiddo@umich.edu

Mobilizing awareness of the results of signing NDAA FY2012 into law (National Defense Authorization Act FY2012).  Contact jobaloon@gmail.com

Jan 20 for Occupy The Courts  – check http://movetoamend.org for nationwide day of action marching on the Federal Courts across the nation. Contact gonzeeboy@gmail.com. Preliminary activities: David Cobb from Move to Amend for an action meeting to determine our community’s response to the Supreme Court and what we can do to join the national movement to Abolish Corporate Personhood on Monday Jan. 9th, 2012 6:30pm – 8:30pm, Cass Community Commons, (First UU Church) 4605 Cass Ave at Forest

G8 visit to Chicago on May 19-20 – http://g20g8.com.  Contact chelleybelly729@yahoo.com

Action against SOPA/PIPA – do not let corporations censor the internet, they are doing this based on fear for their copyright. SOPA – Stop Online Privacy Act [h.3261]. PIPA – Protect IP Act [s.]. Important to read the list of organizations supporting and opposing the bills. Use video and http://americancensorship.org/ to inform. Get people to sign the petitions, write letters to their congresspeople. Bring people together through phone calls in from the public. Possibly walk the street and invite people to speak with their representatives in street conversations. Contact Occupy737@gmail.com

Encourage people to get to know http://opencongress.org and on Android the Congress app by Sunlight Labs. wiccanwarrior@yahoo.com

Use twitter tag #OccupyMiSummit

Summit Planning

Next Summit will be at Flint. Thursday Jan 19, at OF camp 2nd ave and MLK

The following summit will be Saturday, Februrary 4th in Kalamazoo. Details to be announced at next summit.

Dave: Occupy Detroit GA has passed a solidarity statement with Egypt. There is an Egypt solidarity event planned.

Jessie: Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice Protest against Guantanomo Bay, Wednesday Jan 11 noon-1pm

Esperanza: Keep the momentum up in standing up against Snyder.

Lindsea: There will be an inter-Occupational dance party, next Saturday 9pm at 5900 Michigan Ave, Detroit. Hobart Europe will DJ. Quest Ion from Flint will also perform.

Evan would like to bring attention to local groups doing work that has affinities with Occupy goals. Michigan Young Farmer coalition is working on making food happen in Michigan in the future. MichiganYoungFarmerCoalition.org. Other groups include Ann Arbor Free Skool, All Hands Hackerspace on Liberty, and Slow Food Huron Valley.

Kat: Check out http://Livestream.com/occupy_flint – How to write to the editors 2pm on Jan 21.

Nathanael is starting a reading group in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti to read texts critiquing global capitalism and exploring ways of moving beyond it. Possible authors to read include David Harvey, David Graeber, Naomi Klein, and Slavoj Zizek. If interested email nathanael.romero@gmail.com

David A: Talk to David after Assembly about his Bridging8Mile project.

Chris: In June. Occupy Kzoo. Work with Dance for Life, Dance for Peace to hold a dance marathons. Also, interoccupy.org is working on doing nationwide inter-Occupational coordination

Alan: Please support Warming Center campaign. It is absurd that we leave buildings vacant and don’t open these to the public. Movement for a Democratic Society, new updated manifesto on 50 anniversary for Port Huron statement. This will be in June. You are invited to attend. Talk to Alan if you’d like to be involved.

Kent: Occupy for All is working on a supply drive to Flint. Send supplies to folks who are going to the summit. Check occupy Flint website for details.

Denise: In May (no date set). Occupy the PGA for six days to protest what PGA has done in Benton Harbor, stealing land from people to build a ridiculous golf course. The PGA tournament is going to happent there. This was the last on-the-lake public park. This is an expensive, private golf course. NYTimes Magazine did a big spread on this. bhbanco.org

Kat: Arrowhead Media and alternative to the mainstream media for those who are sick of the MSM. They are just getting started. Every weekday at 2pm there is a livestream show. We’re working on developing content.

Alex: 21st there is a day-long teach-in in A2, Occupying the Future of Democracy

Alan: There is a petition beginning to make marijuana legal for everyone over 21.

Jeff: Tomorrow is the first GA for Occupy Metro Detroit.

Fuzzytek: OccupyMovementInformationbase available for bookmarking of interesting content. Shared highlights, sticky notes, and automated blogging from the bookmarks. http://occupymovementinfo.wordpress.com
NING platform social network for Occupy movements is http://occupii.org

Myke: There is an open forum to talk about stuff. There is a conference call set up where people can all for their personal phone calls. There are plans to have a podcast. Facebook.com/TheGrassRoot


Suggestion that meetings contain an orientation to hand signals is a break-out period, which allows close introduction for new persons, those that know them can hold discussion about current topics. This topic will be tabled for the next summit assembly.

Work on an online way to bring outlying areas in through video & audio.

Meeting Closed

Host Occupy Flint
Thurs, Jan 19 @7pm
Action is earlier in the day

Host Occupy Kalamazoo
February 4 @7pm


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  1. Thank you for this, Fuzzy guy — it’s like being there all over again and GREAT!! What a spectacular bunch of people. You captured perfectly all the action.

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