Occupy For All Meeting Notes Dec. 22 2011

Sorry for the delay, all! I (Maggie) was very lame and spazed hardcore and didn’t post these in a timely fashion:

Introduction to Meeting:

Facilitator Selection:
Facilitator: Nathanael
Stack: Joshua
Notes: Maggie
Time/Gatekeeper: Chelle

Group Intros

  • Joshua – Detroit, EMU
  • Jeff – Northville (Visiting from LA)
  • Ian – OAA
  • Chelle – O4A, OAA, Occupy Ypsi
  • Brian – Occupy WCC to start next semester!
  • Kent – O4A
  • Jacki – OAA (media)
  • Lindsea – O4A, OAA
  • Chris – Clinton living in Toronto
  • Nathanael – O4A, float around
  • Sue – Occupy Flint on the phone!

Call to Action

  • Read by Jeff (thanks!)

Agenda (5 min)

  • What is our meeting’s goal?
  • Review
  • Plug in’s
  • Vibes

Covered Process signals – Maggie

Group Memory

  • Last Saturday – Occupy Detroit (5900 building) notes on OccupyForaLL.wordpress.com
    • not official – no agenda
    • 4-5 people talking, expand to about a dozen
    • heart of occupy and what it means to us and what’s focusing on
    • people still observed process, despite it not being “official”
    • firs O4A outreach in DTW
    • Lots of really exceptional people there
    • good contacts, lots of ppl interested
    • trying to keep O4A calendar updated

Action Group Report Backs (2 min ea)

  • Jeff – Occupy Los Angeles – Monday, General Strike May 1st – called for gen strike committee and subcommittees – those arrested have been relesed
  • Jackie – working with Kathleen, have taken over Clare’s job of media and press for OAA – but OAA is in a bit of disarray, they are figuring out what is going on; Kathleen is writing stuff going on about the country, looking for places to put it; K – writing, J – Social media guru; contact Ian
  • Brian – working on Occupy action to get signatures to repeal PA4, 150 signatures so far! Public space and occupy – went to a mall to get signatures; Occupy as public space – every where is privatized, so it’s hard to get public areas to get people to talk and sign things; SO PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION! Michigan Forward website will have info
  • Sue – DA at Debbie Stabenow’s office; EMFM (PA4) – interested in doing that, wants to get signatures; work with church’s in city to get signatures, and get into communities, these are the people who voted for the mayor and they’re the ones getting screwed
  • Kent – Flint is on private property, but it is for sale; work on fundraising to buy property? Have back up properties – but things are sturdy; definitely safest place in the city
  • Sue – Flint knows how to rock it out!

Special Topics (things requiring discussing, consensus, etc.) 5 min time limit

  • Last Detroit Summit
    • Lindsea – Summits are a way of different occupations getting together, mainly specific to MI, but Toledo was at the last one! They’ve been happeneing every two weeks, alternating weekends and weekdays; usually a DA earlier in the day, or some way of taking advantage of larger numbers; 7PM are GA – report backs, discuss thigns to do state wide (regionally, now!)
    • Thistle coffee shop – corn bread and greens (yum!) two proposals passed: statement of purpose and guidelines for inter-occupational summits (posted online – occupyforall.wordpress.com)
    • Agenda template also approved
    • so that way the hosting occupation can have some guidelines and how to organize around it
    • ended up going to 5900 building, hung out, planned dance party
  • Proposal: 2x per week Action Assembly
    • Nathanael – proposal: two regularly scheduled AAs Mon 7pm, Sat 2pm – alternate btwn Ypsi and Ann Arbor; also frequent action assemblies outside washtenaw county – contact locations in advanced (contact in advance so it’s scheduled regularly)
    • COmmunity recors in ypsi; cafe ollie; workantile; yellow barn; michigan league; united methodist church on state – idea is to contact these people in advance; can add more
    • One on weekend and one on weekday will allow for broader reach of participants
    • also constant stream of activity
    • constant process practice
    • constant stream of information online for people to be involved
    • Currently meeting once a week, wherever the schedule fits (so this way it will be a reliable way for people to know when we’re doing things
    • concern – until we get a place locked down right away for at least one, it might be hard to do two : RESPONSE: decide meeting times, and then email people and on basis of if meeting time fits that we’ll schedule meetings at location – so first step is to agree on time, not so much space : COUNTERRESPONSE: want one place, one time, regularly scheduled – if we focus on one and have it set in stone, then focus on the one
    • Concern – to much reporting on what happened at the last meeting, would it be more confusing to have the catch-up constantly? Also too many meetings might be hard for people to schedule
    • Concern: burn out?
    • Temp check – mainly meh
    • Amendment – have one Action Assembly, another just a friendly gathering; to see if we can get people there – have AA locked down time and space; have another thing where it’s just a topic discussion – then we can see how many people attend, and then once we get a feel, we can lock down a second time/place
    • Temp check on proposal with Amendment: approval
    • Monday 7PM and Saturday 2PM meeting
    • Propose: Monday be AA, and Saturday could be the discussion – those with interest, can attend on Saturday; Monday is ending of old week, beginning of new week; Saturday is a little more free-flowing: TEMP CHECK: pretty positive
    • Kent will have a FB up every week – contact him if you have a topic to discuss on Saturday (idea of having a pool of idaes, and the topic will be consensed upon at the meeting)
  • Ann Arbor Summit – Saturday January 7th!
    • Need to find a location
    • Need to plan an action pre-Summit (canvassing, protest, teach-in, potlucks etc)
    • Possibly some activity post-Summit?
    • (Reading of guidelines which are on occupyforall.wordpress.com)
    • List of locations (needs to hold 60 people) : Yellow Barn. Black Elk’s Lodge; United Methodist; Michigan League; small barn in Kerrytown; Brit; Hathaways house; Frenchies will be reserved for free (but might be iffy on numbers); The Friend’s Meeting Hall – Quakers, open to political speech (Brian will contact; will look into WCC as well in the future)
    • Idea: occupy Starbucks and pass out your own coffee (haha!)
    • PROPOSAL: WORKING GROUP FOR ACTION (teach in; volunteering [can work with Dawn Farms?] Teach-ins could be really good, especially in the New Year, really informative and way of gathering of large groups of people)


Brief Disucssion: what do you want to work on? what are you interested in?

  • Jackie – retired Prof from Wayne State (radio, TV etc) – find a way to get paid for what you love to do; trying to get involved in Occupy; will work with occupyannarbor.com and O4A to post articles etc; left wing politics for quite a while; critique of capitalism coming from Occupy movement is inspiring; holds a global critique of the system; involved in food co-ops in the past – history with process development;

Where do you see Occupy in 6 months?

    • Jackie – appealing to different demographics; some stuff happened recently around home foreclosures has attracted a lot of sympathy; particular homes that have been targeted have been targeted well; hope to see broader support; want to see non-violence support (makes violent reaction from police more extreme)
    • Lindsea: thinks it will blow up – more and more people are going to have their conscousness raised; whole winter to talk to each other, to become more radicalized
    • Chris: lives in Canada – different political system, different idea of democracy (not a two party system); Occupy Toronto is poorly facilitated; but parliamentary system, there’s a different kind of skepticism there;  reporting in States is poor, probably not so great in Canada
    • Nathanael: not much to add, several things shaping up; as Occupy moves more into a peace movement (it’ll keep economic focus, but add peace element) especially in reaction military build-up and NDAA and potential war with Iran; in the winter, time to discuss and radicalize and build skills in organizing as a movement; development of independent internet networks; Ham radio; various things we’re working on in the winter so that by the time warmer weather comes around we will be much more radicalized and mobilized; doesn’t think things will get better before things change – so things are going to get worse, and ppl will mobilize, either under occupy or not; people will be squeezed more intimately
    • Chelle: it’ll be warmer outside! more activity possible; huge things like port shut-downs will be more common than they are already; more radicalization and the response will be a massive police presence, and that moblizes people; thinks it’ll be more interesting in 3 years
    • Joshua: hoping that we can focus on more on each state have a collective message; what do we want? in 6 months – hopefully we are more organized and have greater effect on politicians, and that we are always in their face etc
    • Kent: at a tipping point, precariously balanced – we can fall a bad way: they force us to violence (giving us no other choice) or good (non violence wins) – doesn’t want violence (civil war)  – but in 6 months we will know which way we’re falling – next election, presidential election? wants to see more people awakened, either by choice or forced need to recognize how they’re being effected;  we’ll be into the summer
    • Maggie: all of the above!

Announcements – (future activities/actions/stuff) (1 min each)

  • Dance Party  – IF I CAN’T DANCE IT’S NOT MY REVOLUTION Saturday January 14 at 5900 Michigan Avenue in Detroit
    • Inter-Occupational!
    • 9PM
    • One DJ confirmed so far – willing to do the whole time
    • Quest Ion from Flint want to preform as well (need to get in contact)
    • Wants more Occupiers to perform or DJ as well
    • Might need help for set-up later
  • Kent – CSF – Community Shared Food
    • Like a CSA – you pay a certain amount and they will give you food for your own uses
    • Want to break it down a bit and have people cook for each other and help each other in other ways
    • We will buy food and make it and deliver it – can contribute money, or time, or resources
    • Contact Kent if interested!

Next Steps:

  • Phone Tree?



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