Inter-Occupational Summit Statement of Purpose and Guidelines

Adopted by consensus through the Summit Assembly on December 15th, 2011.

Inter-Occupational Summit

Statement of Purpose and Guidelines


–          What is the purpose of a summit?

  • To create a sense of community for Occupy across the region.
  • To increase inter-occupational communication.
  • A chance for a larger group to be more participatory in Occupy across the region.
  • A way of mobilizing more people within the movement.
  • A way for occupations to share information and experience for the purposes of collaboration as well as autonomous action.
  • An opportunity to use observations of the hosting occupation to strengthen their home occupation.
  • To discuss operations and implementation of the Occupy movement.


–          It is suggested that the Hosting Occupation arrange an event or action during the day prior to the Summit Assembly; this allows the Hosting Occupation to take advantage of the increased numbers that the Summit brings.  Examples include:

  • Canvassing
  • Teach-ins
  • Protests
  • Potlucks

–          The Hosting Occupation is:

  • Not required to have a camp.
  • By volunteer only.
  • Not required to provide food.
  • Asked to facilitate the Summit Assembly, but may request assistance from outside of their Occupation, if so desired.

–          The Summit Assembly is an Inter-Occupational gathering at 7pm.

  • All represented Occupations will have the opportunity to give a report-back from their Occupation.
  • This is independent from the Hosting Occupation’s usual General Assembly.

–          There will be a Summit scheduled approximately every two weeks.

  • Decided by consensus at the 2nd Inter-Occupational Summit at Occupy Flint on November 18th, 2011.
  • The Summits will alternate between weekdays and weekends.

–          The location of the Summit will be hosted by a different Occupation each time, as:

  • an attempt to show solidarity throughout all of Michigan.
  • a chance to be exposed to locations outside of Home Occupations.

–          Summit locations and dates will always be planned two meetings in advance. This will:

  • give notice to all Occupiers wishing to attend and need to make arrangements.
  • give the Hosting Occupation notice to make arrangements for the Summit.

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