Inter-Occupational Summit Agenda Template

Given Consensus by the Summit Assembly on December 15th, 2011.

Inter-Occupational Summit
Agenda Template

Introduction to Summit

–          Read Occupy Wall Street Call to Action (Until we write our own)

–          Introduce Facilitation Team

  • Facilitator
  • Notes
  • Stack
  • Timekeeper
  • Vibes Checker

–          Introduce Attendees

  • Name and Occupation

Introduction to Process

–          Review Hand Signals

Agenda (5 min.)

–          Review Summit Purpose

  • The summit is a gathering of individuals from all of the various occupations in hopes of opening the lines of communication between those occupations and helping to establish goals and inter-occupational actions.

–          Brief Agenda Review
–          Agenda Plug-Ins

  • Proposals
  • Announcements

–          Vibes Check on Agenda

Occupation Report Backs (5-7 min. each)

–          Occupy Ann Arbor
–          Occupy Detroit
–          Occupy Flint
–          Occupy For All
–          Occupy Kalamazoo
–          Occupy Lansing
–          Occupy Tri-City (Saginaw, Midland, Bay City)
–          Occupations Not Listed

Inter Occupational Action Discussion (10 min.)

–          Fill in with Proposed Inter-Occupational Actions

Summit Planning

–          Next Summit: Fill in Summit Information as determined by previous Summit
–          Following Summit: ???

  • Pick a date and location (alternating between Saturday/Thursday)
  • Make sure the chosen location is represented at this Summit.

Announcements (2 min. each)

–          Occupation Actions/Events
–          Autonomous Actions/Events
–          Fill in with Other Announcements

Proposals (5 min. each)

–          Fill in with Non-Action Related Proposals

Close Summit

–          Rally Cry, Song, Etc.

Soap Box

–          Unmoderated Open Forum


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