News from Occupy Flint!

From Michael of Occupy Flint:
“A summary of the day’s events for those who weren’t there.

This morning Occupy Flint was served with a notice that the property owner(s) wanted us to leave the site. This was based on information flowing from unconfirmed sources, upon which some Occupy Flint members acted without consensus from the GA, asking for help dismantling the camp when in fact there was no actual order or citation yet seen by us.

Following up on the rumor that the City Code Enforcement Office was about to cite the camp for violations, calls were made. This is what was discovered:

Some pressure from downtown businesses and the Durant hotel owners was put on the city code enforcement office to do…. something, anything, to make OF go away (because, apparently, of the amount of support pouring from Flint residents–it was making them nervous). So Someone close to the code enforcement office heard talk about citing the camp, and informed one of our members, who reacted as though a shut-down was a done deal.

Upon hearing the allegations that were flying, the property owner(s) decided it was too much drama (and probably they were under pressure from many of the same sources as the enforcement office), and so they asked us, very nicely, to leave.

Then, as time permitted, a more thorough investigation took place and we learned that
the city attorney’s office said there is NO plan to cite the camp or to try and find reasons to cite the camp.

With this information, the property owner(s) agreed Occupy Flint could stay, unless of course the property gets sold. “


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