Why We Occupy: Cowboy

Name: Morgan Villarreal A.K.A. Cowboy
Age: 20
Hometown: Bay City, Michigan
Home Occupation: Occupy Bay City / Occupy the Tri

What makes you part of the 99%?:

Had a job, but lost it due to corruption with in the company.

Why do you Occupy?:

I want to help change the government and our future. I want to help to get corporations out of washington and stop the 1% from robbing the 99%.

Tell a hopeful or inspiring story:

I hope that one day, we will change our country for the better, and leave all the corporate lobbyists in the dust. That our future generations will have all the freedoms, not just as an American citizen, but as a human being. I dont want them to live in a country, or a world, that regulates everything they do. I want them to be free, with out fear of indefinite persecution, or not being able to take care of their family cause they are working at a wage that barely outs food on the table.


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