Occupy for All, December 10 Meeting Notes

Introduction to Meeting

Facilitator Selection
Facilitator: Kat
Stack: Maggie
Notes: Natty
Time/Gatekeeper: Chelle

Group Intros
Intro question: How was your day?

Call to Action

Discussion: What is one positive thing you find about Occupy?

  • commitment to non-violence
  • change is happening
  • establishing a new way of thinking and relating to each other, interpersonal communication
  • we are not doing something new, communal interdependence (this is something we’ve forgot. this is how things were before centralized government). we don’t have to be either collectivist and individualistic. we can create a blend of both
  • bringing everyone together in a bigger way
  • taboos and barriers being broken
  • breaking our bubbles
  • consciousness raising
  • seeing things happen, hope

Agenda (5 min)

  • What is our meeting’s goal?
  • Review
  • Plug in’s
  • Vibes

Process discussion (5 min)

  • Facilitation Self-Check/Observer checklist
    • Kat introduced the observer checklist. This is used to check facilitation team on whether it is working effectively. Kent will be going through this checklist.

Group Memory

  • Natty reviewed last notes from the Dec 2 Action Assembly

Action Group Report Backs (2 min ea)

  • Lansing Summit
    • A number of folks went on a canvass/march action, where they went around neighborhoods, waving signs and talking about Occupy
    • Flint came in its bus = Awesome
    • The meeting was a huge sausage fest. We need to do something about this! More women in Occupy! Occupy A2 is full of women, other occupies are pretty much all men.
    • Lesson learned: if someone is being skipped, raise your hand too, then pass your turn to them
    • The summit was large
    • We forgot to do report-backs from Occupations
    • There was the desire that we got more accomplished
    • Host city (Lansing) was new to these summits, we could have done more to inform them about how the summits have worked in the past
    • What is the goal of a summit?
  • Detroit Foreclosure Action
    • This Tuesday, we gathered in front of a foreclosed home. The action was successful. It stopped the eviction. Then Occupy Detroit had a little GA.
  • Lansing Shut-down/O4A Outreach; Kent, Maggie
    • Word is that shutting down the camp was a conscious decision on the part of the campers. There was an official eviction for Friday. Occupy Lansing will continue to meet and organize in the winter. Kent and Maggie then brought supplies from Lansing to Flint.
  • Occupy Ypsi Teach-In
    • Today at Woodruff’s. It started off with a teach in. Various speakers spoke for about ten minutes.
    • After teach in Natty, Chelle, and Maggie, semi-facilitated a discussion session. We felt that we didn’t to a very good job at introducing people to the process and getting people involved, so there was minimal group participation during the facilitated section. Discussion lacked “buy-in”
  • Last Occupy Ann Arbor GA
    • Our previous venue fell through, so we gathered at Liberty Plaza, then moved to the Workantile on Main. This is a possible location for future meetings.
    • Quorum is still an issue.
    • OAA facilitation team is reorganizing right now. Former people have stepped down.
    • There was a discussion of group values
  • Washtenaw Community Action Team Meeting
    • The first WCAT meeting for many of us.
    • There was a sense of mutual respect and respect for process, so they only needed one facilitator and it worked well.
    • A working group was developed to tackle foreclosure actions
    • Discussion of EM law and petitions to repeal it

5 minute break, followed by an impromptu dance party

Special Topics (things requiring discussing, consensus, etc.)

  • Flint Camp Eviction
    • Kent read statement
    • There will be a meeting this Monday with Mike Brown, Flint’s Emergency Manger
    • The camp is in a commercal zone, and thus a code violation
    • Flint’s voice needs to be heard
    • Flint needs people to be involved in a Direct Action, including coverage of how the Flint camp works
    • Flint can pioneer new lifestyles; is a perfect test case for sustainable, collective living
    • Phase 2: Creation and Development
    • Chelle would be interested in helping bring attention to Flint via independent media
    • Natty could submit a piece for Occupied Wall Street Journal
    • Calling people to gather info on what’s going on at Flint
    • Those present at this meeting can contact people in Flint to find out what’s going on and how we can help
    • Kent will make an O4A post with numbers to call to send out call to action
    • Chelle can take point on assembling people to go to camp, contact NLG, including possible voluntary arrestable
  • Dancing for Emma
    • This is a group being organized to train people to train facilitators
    • There will be a set time to meet each week
    • The training course will start in the coming weeks, then a new course will start in February we will start a new group on training
    • This group will workshop facilitating group values discussions at Occupy Ann Arbor GAs
    • There is a plans for individuals to write 5 max page papers on their vision for Occupy, then present at a potluck
  • Location/Times
    • Group will meet tomorrow — 1pm at Westgate Library to discuss times and locations for O4A meetings
  • Next Two Summits
    • Detroit
      • Kent is in contact with group organizing summit, will report back on this regularly
      • Event is at Thistle Coffee Shop 7-9pm Dec 15
      • What is the purpose of the summit? The purpose seems unclear.
        • The Flint Summit set a model
          • There is a direct action in the afternoon
          • The meeting includes report-backs
      • A group will form to formulate purpose of summits, formulate standard agenda, post to other groups. Kent and Lindsay will start discussing this together.
    • Ann Arbor
      • A group needs to organize the next summit
        • Location
        • Who will facilitate
        • Perhaps OAA facilitation should get involved
      • Natty will go to meetings this week to discuss this, then start a Facebook event page for an organizing meeting, announce this meeting on Weds
  • Building a community — CSF (Community Share Food)
    • Kat wants to create a community food sharing network. This will be a group focused on shared values around food (local, healthy, community building, saving money)
    • Plan weekly food menu, those involved can buy in
    • Community potlucks
    • This is planting the seeds of a sustainable, collective society
    • Have our own cigarette rolling and sharing group
    • “We’all all poor. Let’s be honest.” Living what we preach: equality, community, fairness. In order to best create that, we need to build community
    • people can contribute through money, food donations, and time
    • possibly visit/contact “people’s kitchen in corktown”
    • buy into CSA
    • Tentative plan: meet Monday night at 7pm to talk about this. Let’s chat and plan about how we can have a group meal at this meeting.
  • Freecycle: The Ann Arbor freecycle group needs people to moderate their boards
  • Priorities Discussion
    • What are the pressing issues we can tackle? This discussion is tabled for next meeting

Announcements – (future activities/actions/stuff) (1 min each)

  • no new announcements. the meeting was so damn thorough that we got through everything.

Next Steps: Natty reviewed


Parking Lot (things to be discussed at a future date)

  • need to work on group buy-in
  • getting people mobilized
  • we need sleep!
  • CTV/Indie media
  • Occupy Phone Book
  • Workantile
  • Occupy is free association
    • concerns about lack of hospitality toward occupiers
    • dealing with people’s suspicions of others
    • community building exercises
    • get more to facilitate
    • doing more stuff in Ypsi

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