Occupy S. 1867

8 December 2011
Media Team
Chris Wahmhoff 269-217-6600

Michigan — The Indefinite Detention Action Working Group of the 3rd Inter-Occupational meeting of Michigan, invites you to stand with us in Solidarity on December 14th, 2011 at 1pm in our action against The National Defense Act (Bill S.1867). This bill effectively ends the right of due process, and will allow the military to hold, indefinitely, any U.S. Citizen it sees as a threat to national security in a military not civilian prison i.e. Guantanamo Bay. We are asking all Occupiers and anyone in the 99% who wishes to continue to see the Constitution as the law of the land, to join us on this day of action. We urge people to hit the streets in peaceful protest, or any other peaceful creative action, against this threat to our 1st amendment right of free speech and assembly. Our primary focus will be on the Michigan offices of Senator Carl Levin who is a sponsor of this atrocity against our way of life.


Occupy is a leaderless movement. Our General Assembly meetings are open to all who are interested in participating in Occupy.


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