3rd Inter-Occupational Summit in Lansing! (December 3rd, 2011)

Where is everyone from?
  • Lansing
  • Flint
  • Ann Arbor
  • Ypsi
  • Occupy For All
  • Kalamazoo
  • Saginaw
  • Bay City
  • Syracuse, New York
  • Detroit
Occupy For All reviews hand signals – Thanks, Kent!ISSUES

Let’s talk over-all; what are the things that the state cares about? What is our battle plan? Let’s create a list of our issues!
    • Emergency Manager
    • Fear of the Occupy Movement
    • S1867 & Carl Levin
    • We need more diversity!
    • Making this all inclusive for every human being on the planet
    • Jobs, money out of politics
    • Fix the education system
    • Recall Snyder!
    • Foreclosures
    • Corporate Person-hood
    • Medicinal Marijuana
    • Fluoride in our water and food
    • Continuing this as a grass roots, people based, compassion and empathy oriented movement
    • Keeping corporations from stealing MI water supply
    • Disarming Nukes
    • Anti-Military spending
    • Keeping Food Local
    • Internal occupation issues
    • Maintaining truth and trust among occupiers
    • Infrastructure among physical occupations
    • Police looking at unmanned drones
    • Prison system is a lucrative business
    • Message of non-violence
    • Ending the federal reserve
    • Raising awareness of how lobbying affects our politics
    • Health care crisis in america and in our state
    • Integration of sustainable energies; overall sustainability
    • Urban agriculture, beautify neighborhoods
    • Cost of education at college level
    • Reforming our immigration laws
    • Networking amongst the occupations; sharing resources
    • Getting off of third party reliance (cell phones, facebook, etc)
    • Keeping it real!
    • Integrating more democratically run/owned business
    • Anti-fracking
    • Simplify our lifestyle
    • Get back to what our country is founded on
    • Paying more attention to entitlement and privilege issues
    • Puppy mills
    • Racial equality
    • Remembering that we’re all on the same side!!!
    • Bring the troops home, stop stealing other countries resources
    • Tax the top!
    • Stop outsourcing our jobs
    • Get rid of unconstitutional laws
    • Situation with the banks
    • Create more attractions to Michigan to bring people in to the state

We will come back to this in a bit –  are going to organize this list so that we can discuss it as a group!

Occupy Detroit
NEIL – passed a proposal within Occupy Detroit; would like to propose it here
“The Non-Aggression Principal”

      • “Do not initiate physical force for any purpose; this is to be defined as but not limited to assault, vandalism or destruction of property; this does not include reasonable actions of self-defense, reasonable acts of self-defense have the goal of de-escalating any conflict.”
        • the summit reaches consensus on this principal

Occupy Kalamazoo, Occupy Lansing
-Proposal to see if as an inter-occupational meeting we can take direct action together re: S1867

  • Best we can do right now is get a veto? Call and email the White House
  • Is that all we can do? How can we trust congress and the supreme court? (How can we trust that they will stop it)
  • We need to break this open into the public view! Most people aren’t even aware of it
  • Could we get all the direct action working groups in MI to show up outside Carl Levin’s office?
  • Chris W.; The guy from Kzoo; works with NBC for OWS, inter-occupy.com
  • Can we pass a moratorium to block the whole bill?
  • there’s other stuff in there too; it is 900 pgs long
  • Is it just Carl Levin? – POP
  • Let’s form a group? CONSENSUS
  • Let’s pick a date and time RIGHT NOW
  • The bill was passed Thursday the 1st; Dec 15th is two weeks from now
  • Anyone interested, meet up after
Occupy Bay City
Glenn Occupy Everywhere Myron

March on the Capitol on March 17th

  • Mt. Pleasant wants to march from their city to Lansing; it was postponed
  • Every city across the state marches to the capitol; hopefully this will happen around the country as well
  • Is this Occupy Convergence? – No, that’s in January; this should kick off the spring
  • Does this conflict with marching on the country capitol?
  • There could be a reactionary call; this may come as a result of the passing of the internet censorship bill, etc, and we should be ready to move quickly as a result
  • Monday, Jan 26th is the 175th anniversary of MI statehood; we should do something this day; this is the day for OUR state
  • Get buses, get musicians, make it huge?
  • Why not do both? Lets do more actions, more things
  • Dates are important, but numbers are more important, so we may want to do it in warmer weather
  • Saint Patrick’s day; could make money for occupation
  • Let’s not underestimate our ability to use the winter to show our strength
  • OWS didn’t say, hey, everyone come to Wall Street – they said have a GA in every corner of every street; doing something on the same day doesn’t detract
  • We can set an example for other states, encourage them to take action on their anniversary too
-Nathan Fancy from Unite Detroit; we want to establish a communications hub; regionally first, then nationally, then internationally ; want to create an Alter-Net, an inter-occupational network – POP: this is off topic
  • Yes, we get something going in the Spring, but let’s take advantage of the date; let’s use it to put a call out to the rest of the State; let’s awaken them
  • All these ideas are wonderful; doesn’t have to be an either or; let’s get together an plan!
  • OK, the point here seems to be are we going to march to the capitol in March, or should we wait for better weather?
  • Not just march, but bike, ride, get there any way you can!
  • Will we camp when we get there? Will we be able to sustain it?

Q: What is the intention/purpose/demands for this event?
A: The same things we’ve been asking for all along! This is a half-way there changing point; when spring comes, we will awaken!

  • The idea is to have it be a week-long thing; the idea would be to have enough people here to shut down the capitol; we’re a little iffy about this idea
  • Promote them all, why not? Let’s make it viral, let the people choose
  • Why not memorial day weekend for the march?
  • The season may matter more than the date
  • How about Tax Day?

WHAT’S THE OVERALL QUESTION? Should we be marching to the capitol from our homes on March 17th?

  • No Consensus
  • Will it even be possible to walk there? What if there is a blizzard?
  • We’re gonna kick this to working group; Glenn will be getting contact info from people who want to help out
Occupy Lansing
JOHN; Proposal to adopt a statement of Autonomy; the only things changed from NYCGA was changing it to Lansing instead of Wall Street; this was proposed at the Lansing GA, but postponed to this meeting
Q: Is this for all of us, or just for Lansing?
A: Just for Lansing
Q: What do you want to do with it?
A: This is not just a statement, it’s a legal matter; let’s put it everywhere!
Q: Does Lansing have associated affiliated groups? Are they beholden to the GA?
A: Unable to answer the question
  • The finance committee is creating a non-profit, this would affect that group
  • An affiliated action group; they meet Sundays at 5; they bring their proposals to the GA, but they will do things even if the GA doesn’t approve
  • Rafe; will support begrudgingly; will this prevents us from ever supporting a candidate?
  • Edge has had her hand up for a long time; Denise points out that there are a lot of men speaking; we need to hear everyone’s voice
  • Do other occupations have something like this that they have in place?
  • Do we want to be able to support candidates? Sometimes using the political parties
  • Maybe this should be something that Lansing works on in more detail?
  • this is important that it prevents people from co-opting us; people may say they are associated with us, but we make it clear that if we don’t say
  • Our ability to be autonomous is central to this movement! No occupy should find a way to circumvent our autonomy
  • Does non-partisanship really prevent us from supporting a candidate? We don’t have to support a formal party
  • Since this is a Lansing proposal, we can’t vote on it, we shouldn’t be discussing it
  • Some congressmen stand up for us, how can they stand up for us if we can’t stand up for them?
  • Why do we need to endorse a candidate? Why can’t we pick an ordinary person and endorse that person?
  • Occupy is based off of autonomous action; if you want to support a candidate, you go do that; you can do that on your own. Trying to throw the weight of the Occupy movement behind a candidate undermines the full purpose of the movement
  • There is a question of doing anything necessary; people do not like that term; but do we want to work within the system or not? POP – this is turning in to a discussion away from the actual proposal
  • John, I want to help support this as an inclusive, not an exclusive movement
  • The reason for this statement is so that we don’t become the very thing we seek to defeat
  • Just putting this online encourages “slacktivism”
  • This is not a binding issue; can’t each occupation take it back
  • When one occupation supports a candidate, it causes a domino effect that destroys our movement
  • This is important to talk about; we should take these back to our occupations and discuss them
Bay City
Kimberly; Bay City is holding phone conferences – this is a great way for us to connect!
  • The number is 1-712-432-0190- access code – 575834; they have these meetings every Monday at 9 pm
  • interoccupy.org and interoccupy cafe; other groups are also doing conference calls
Zak from Lovify
  • Remember the internet can be helpful; that’s how that movement started!
  • Let’s go to the capitol right after this! Let’s go have a cuddle pile on the capitol after this!
  • We are supposed to decide our next location and time of meeting here?
Occupy Lansing

Ken from DIRECT ACTION TEAM in Lansing

  • Usually have more people at these meetings than at their GA’s
  • Did a black Friday Mic Check
  • Sent out press releases, got media attention
  • Did a Carl Levin thing
  • Took less than 24 hours to plan
  • Went to his office and had petitions

NEXT Summit?
-Did we decide? Should we?
-This was decided last Summit – it will be in Detroit; Thursday the 15th

Direct Action – Occupy everyone’s yard – get a tent up in every person’s yard!

(Sorry, guys, this is a little confusing right now; I’m not sure where we are on stack)


We’re back!

  • Next Summit will be in Detroit; the Detroit GA has not approved it – Unite Detroit; supports it! We are welcome to use the space there; 5900 Michigan Ave
  • Occupy For All offers to facilitate the meeting, since we are not affiliated with a specific occupation; we can provide a neutral interface
Q: When you say the GA did not approve, what do you mean?
A: Very diplomatic answer, but essentially the 5900 Affinity group is getting consistently blocked by the Detroit GA; they are viewed as a ‘breakaway’ group
Q: So, do we go to the affinity group’s space or do we meet at Detroit?
  • Dave, Occupy Detroit; the block was in regards to using the 5900 space – possibly due to legal issues?
  • 1515 Broadway is hosting the GA’s currently
  • It seems that the block was regarding hosting the summit at 5900; not hosting the summit in general
  • So we are going to aim to have the summit at Detroit at 1515 Broadway; if the Detroit GA will not approve the summit, we will have the summit at 5900 Michigan Ave

There is a bit of a confusion regarding process; are we on stack or soapbox? – We are opening stack!

Nathanael proposes that we decide the next summit today and we have it at Ann Arbor

  • Cool, do we need to have the summit at a place with a camp?
  • No, we have it any where there is action
  • Should we figure out the next summit, or the next, next summit?
  • This is confusing!!
  • Holiday issues – do we need to postpone?
  • How about Saturday January 7th, 2012, in Ann Arbor? – Yes, consensus on it!

David – proposal; the summit should be focused on inter-occupational working groups and report backs, not broad, general discussion, and not be the summit visiting the local GA. – Consensus!

Girl in a black shirt; suggesting planning things outside of GA’s, then bring them to the GA; She is essentially suggesting that occupations form working groups; she is teaching basic process

  • How things get done; they bring up ideas and brainstorm through them individually; then bring the proposal to the GA; if it doesn’t pass, then it needs to go back to the work group and get hashed out.
  • People get a chance to speak a lot when there is a camp; it is good to have an open discussion, without a camp GA’s go slower;
  • In Ann Arbor, they suggest having a GA every other week, and an Open Soap Box in the weeks in between to open conversations and discussion

Woman from Lansing; We need to stop dividing our selves; stop putting things ahead of the movement as a whole; reads a quote from Martin Luther King

    • “On some occasion, cowardice asks the question, ‘is it safe?’ Expedience asks the question, “is it political?” And vanity comes along and asks, “is it popular?”, but conscious asks the question, “Is it right?” And then comes the time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor political, nor popular, but because it is right.”

Chris W. from Kzoo; are we interested in getting a google group or some facilitation to open the conversation

  • Occupy for All will help host this

Zak – I am the 100%; I don’t have money, I have love; I want a better world no matter what we have to do (except hurting anyone)

Michigan Peace Network; if you want to announce anything about occupy through them, that may be a chance; there will be more than a hundred different peace based groups there; many delegates

Suggestion from Pey from Lansing that events are arranged around the holidays; to help promote understanding and family friendly atmosphere; open eyes!

Rafe from Lansing reads his Occupation “song”?

Edge from Lansing; applauds Zak’s statement; but she is an occupier; there is a problem with conflicts at GA’s scaring people away

    • We have to discuss, not argue
    • need to focus on checking emotions; focus on de-escalating the issue
    • what about having a conflict resolution teach-in?
    • Every occupy should educate themselves; they can learn how to communicate in new ways; we should share this info, maybe through inter-Occupational groups
    • Active listening!
    • Check out this concept: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dialectic
    • Michigan Peace Team could do a training on that! They will travel; contact blonde lady!
    • Canvassing training went well today; we can have that training in other cities as well!
    • Let’s have pot lucks to invite people to; not just the GA so that they have a positive experience!
      • It is illegal in MI to have a pot-luck dinner
      • What about an “eating club”? Yay, Denise!
      • You say, this is not a restaurant, this is only my home; I am inviting you as a guest, in to my home; then those magic words get you around that legal issue
Lansing closes their GA with a song and Dancing! We play “I’ll Occupy”, but no one can hear it; Link will be posted


Thanks, Lansing!



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