The 3rd Inter-Occupational Meeting and Protest @ Occupy Lansing

The 3rd Inter-Occupational Meeting and Protest

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

12pm: Direct Action
7pm: Summit Meeting

Occupy Lansing
Reutter Park
Lansing, MI.

This is about the coming together of the Occupants from the different cities around Michigan so that we can Occupy Michigan. The point is to for us to join forces and interconnect. This is happening so we can both come together for the sake of large unified Direct Actions (protests, community events, ect) and for meetings that are being dubbed Inter-Occupational meetings. Imagine large gatherings made up of those from all the Occupations in the region, imagine occupying Michigan, imagine coming together as a family. It starts locally then goes from there. There’s no reason that each state can’t get all the Occupations together to Occupy that state every so often. Then with total state wide solidarity we can go even bigger and convene on a national or international level,………… just saying. Each time the Inter-Occupational meeting will be held at a different camp or location.

This 3rd summit will be held at Occupy Lansing which is located in Reuters park on the 3rd of Dec at 12 noon right by the Capitol building.

Remember our strength is in awareness (understanding), empathy, perseverance and the unity of the masses. We must awaken the sleeping who are ultimately strewn all through out the system and just are not yet aware of the fact that they are also (as much as anyone else) a part of the 99%. We must come together as a family, not just as another cold political organization. We must keep the warmth, the purity, the humility, the leaderlessness, the openness of heart and mind, as well as the resolve and a relentless will. Come together, we must be the change we wanna see in the world cuz guess what, the gov, the media, the universities, the institutions, the police, the military, the “authorities”, the corporations, or anything else we are used to trusting or relying upon are not gunna do it for us, ………………………………………………… it is solely up to us. It is solely up to us to create a new world. 


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