Occupy Tri City Conference Call

This is an account from an Occupy For All participant that took part in the Tri City Conference Call on Monday, November 28th.

I called in to the conference call around 8:55pm, as the call was officially supposed to begin at 9pm. There was only one other person on the line and they were slightly distracted at the time, but so was I, since I was folding laundry. Within 5-7 minutes, a few other callers dialed in and we were off to the races. Myke was the primary facilitator and host of the call and he did an excellent job facilitating. Since this was a call directed at the Tri City area of Michigan, there were representatives from Bay City, Midland, and Saginaw on the call.

I was fortunate enough to join in, as I got a really good perspective of the situation of our friends in the northern part of the state. It was easy to tell that these individuals were motivated and excited about the Occupy Movement, but as they were just starting out, they were suffering the problems that most newer occupations do. They were having a hard time getting members involved and encouraging others to speak. We spoke primarily about organizing some events to encourage conversation and get a good turnout from the community, while simultaneously encouraging others to join in. 

Unfortunately, due to location, they are somewhat detached from the activities of their neighbors to the south and I encouraged them to make an active showing at the Interoccupational Summit on December 3rd. I also encouraged them to “Occupy Fun” and show people that “Occupy” doesn’t always have to mean serious business. This was a great group of people and they plan to continue having conference calls on Monday night at 9pm. I will try to continue to stay actively involved and I encourage others to do so. We can all benefit from the sharing of knowledge and information. These individuals are a great benefit to the movement and I don’t want to see them lost because of distance. Opportunities like this conference call help bridge the gap and promote solidarity.

If you are interested in becoming active with the Tri City or would like to offer encouragement or support, please contact:


Solidarity! I look forward to speaking with all of you again soon!


One response to “Occupy Tri City Conference Call

  1. OBC would like to take this time to thank the kent, and members of occupy4all for implementing your vital knowledge’s, networking services, and valuable info to occupations in Michigan. Our first encounter has already proven to be productive for our group in the form of excitement of networking and making it down to lansing to finally meet all these wonderful people we know are out there. thanks again.

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