Occupy for All, November 21 Meeting Notes


  • Who We Are
    • Hand out/reading of “Occupy4All One Page” CALL TO ACTION
  • Attendees – (actually happening after Call to Action)
    • C – occupy for all, facilitator for meeting; engages in many working groups – anywhere she feels helpful
    • L – works with O4A and OAA, working on tech and press and direction
    • C2 – grand valley, home for holidays and not terribly involved
    • C3: U of Toronto, home for the weekend
    • E – Clinton, graduated about a year ago, haven’t done much yet, does light freelance work, wants to be involved
    • N- Occupy for 2 months, having a blast, 5 different occupations and loves traveling to many others
    • D – involved with OAA and different groups and making personal decisions and loves O4A idea
    • L2 – involved with occupy starting with OAA first GA, traveled to Detroit Lansing and flint, Philly and wall street soon; likes to dance and drive people to other occupations
    • A – been involved in detroit and getting invoved with OAA, likes O4A, thinks we should all be working in single group, divisions create conflict
    • G – started with OAA, stuck with it; thinks O4A is really cool, watching occupy UM
    • I – website occupyannarbor.org, got involved right away, real interest – not a lot of time for GA method, wants to bridge gap between those with time and those with less time; thinks outreach and network is important
    • K – all in for O4A, invovled with OAA for a while, didn’t connect and discovered efforts were better placed in uniting us ultimately as a world; wants to support everyone as much as possible; O4A is passion
    • V – heard about occupy and resonated with him; started to realize that conscoiuness was being raised, resonated with his history involved with anti-war movement, came out with gay rights movement, was inspired by lots of activity, wants to see powerful movements again; equality and freedom and this movement gives hope
  • Introduce Facilitation Team
    • Chelle – Facilitator
    • Kent – co-facilitator
    • Maggie – notes
    • Lindsea – stack
    • George – vibes
    • Devin – secondary stack
    • Nathanael – time keeper
  • Introduce Process
    • General Intro (Hand Signals)
      • additional hand signal: direct response, immediate response, no other topic, not being distracted; could be opinion (not question, not information) these jump stack, do not abuse it
    • Discussion: Autonomy, “Does this need consensus?”
      • Introduce topic
        • huge thing that O4A supports – you are allowed to act on your own, you DO NOT need permission; this belief is fostered; action is what will make movement move; if you want something done, start it, don’t talk about it with people and ask for permission; bring it to O4A if you want support; AUTONOMOUS: Independant, on your own; don’t be afraid of it!
      • Open up for discussion
        • I: question: if you are talking about autonmy, you are already considering yourself a group?
          • Answer: a group of autonomous individuals action autonmously; when we come here, no one is forcing us to assemble, or forcing action on anyone, the actions that we take are all autonomous actions; individual who is intereseted in doing something and invites others to join; you don’t have to act under a name

– Question: how would you react ot negative actions?
Answer: cultural change, this is not representative democracy, people are acting on own initiative; if what someone does something we will recognize that they are autonomous and not representative to group
-Question: should O4A be a resource for autonomous action
Answer: do not go in assuming you will be under O4A banner; you can come in and ask for support; one thing we do is deliver supplies to other occupies; we are support, support for encampments etc You have to gain support of O4A, through consensus through us if you want to use our banner
-Question: you want action, you don’t need consensus? if you want “formal” backing, you will need conesnsus
-One thing we see at GAs is that people have an idea, and they say they want a proposal – when we do prop’s it is fleshed out; generally it will be project we want to start; so if we want awareness they will bring like-minded people together and develop a working/action group and then make themselves aware to GA
— Autonomy is supported!

Report-backs (2 min time limit)

  • Tribal Summit: Flint
    • We had a list of places to march to, but didn’t get to all: in front of Bank of America, played drums and danced; all about autonomous actions; some meditated at Ghandi statue; summit meeting: biggest thing was that our next summit meeting on Sat Dec 3rd – noon time, details being worked out; Discussion of Ham radio as a way of communication below the surface; Inter occupation communication – frustration about how occupies are comminucating – Flint wants to communicate better; O4A is acting as inter-occupational communicator to get supplies etc between encampments
    • is there a way to be capturing needs on a spreadsheet so people can access information to aid in autonomous actions? it is reported on blog: kept up to date constantly; section for catagories and has stuff for each occupation that we are in contact with so far
  • OAA Direct Action Working Group
    • Black Friday Action Planning
      • can’t provide details yet, flash mob in big box store that have had a negative effect on employees and community; PROMPTLY leaving Veteran’s Park at 10:15 – Ride shares available!
      • we will have info on O4A site, though they might not be participating directly; details on event will be informed
      • FB event page! Go to any group on FB there will be an event
      • O4A calendar – has info on it, might be a link on it (later tonight)
  • OAA General Assembly
    • excellent general assembly (a few meh hands in response)
    • lots of discussion of process; break out session about what is consensus and what things need consensus
    • occupy – tension between getting consensus and autonomous action; not something to be answered in a day; great place to get dialogue going
    • quorum discsusoin (min number of people there to pass proposals – dropped from 30 to 25); perhaps discuss more about process than quorum
    • Expression that talk of quorum was frustrating; problems among facilitation; suggestion for two meetings a month – two: decisions, two: discussion; peoplle know in advance that they can choose which is more important to them personally
    • Black friday action, warming shelters project (spearheaded by camp, $685) Orian etc are discussing and making; Occupy UM; inter occupy dance party; all day workship on the 11th – all day conference about occupy, alts. to capitalism and various cool and interesting and exciting topics
  • Intro to Direct Democracy and Facilitation Training –
    • intro to direct democracy and facil training – talked about Direct Democracy and consensus (roughly 20 min) went around and discussed complexities and nuances about it; thorough discussion of hand signals; facilitation roles; led by Nathanael
  • We have a map! We want to make a web version of this map. We will talk below about our media/tech needs.
    • Map of all occupations in Michigan! Not all have physical occupations, we are marking them out, want to make field trips (Alpena needs help, Toledo needs help as well) Neat and awesome; looking for detailed US map that’s detailed; want to translate to a digital version and have interactive map with links to their home site
    • List will be up on word press site later if there are any others to include; also need to discern what are legit and which are not
    • occupyannarbor.org – extract from daily kos – nation wide listing of facebook groups; occupy together doesn’t have it all, though it was used;
    • Flint has big map – inspiration! we want michigan first because we can do outreach to start with
  • Other report-backs
    • Dance-Party: Date is currently is Dec 10 – conflict over location; issues with sound system  we have DJ, no electicity in Liberty Plaza; spoken with Elks lodge, Goodnight Gracies (charges money and DJ blah blah) we want it to be FUN and BUILDING COMMUNITY!!!

Media and Tech

  • Why We Occupy
  • Calendar
    • calendar on website was discussed – we can build a calender listing events for occupations across Michigan – this was discussed at Tribal Summit as a possible resource for other occupations – email to occupyforall@gmail.com or occupy4all@gmail.com — people will look to see when other occupies are organizing events – check calendar and you can get more people!
  • Event Reports: People may submit event reports to occupyforall@gmail.com to be included in the blog
  • We are working on assembling a media group. We are taking on the responsibility of posting inter-occupation information. We need a number of people to work collaboratively on a number of tasks:
    • Content Production: Photos, video, text
    • Interactive Occupy MI Map
    • Web development
    • Graphic design
    • Info gatherers for calendar

Inter-Occupation Outreach

  • Detroit field trip this Saturday
    • met people in flint involved in DTW occupation – looking for new occupation to move to; Time to leave in afternoon on saturday (NOT spending the night there); check out place, might spend the night and drive on thanksgiving
    • Find supplies list
    • Arrange rideshares
  • Other possible field trips
    • Western Michigan (Grand Rapids, K-Zoo) – want to visit these guys before lansing summit – perhaps week following thanksgiving (toledo might be bumped into priority)
    • Alpena
      • Alpena needs help organizing for their first GA
      • from the get-go, instant division, unknown reasons; one of the members asked for help on facilitation, we want to help provide help – weekend trip; haven’t had a first GA, want to help them with it; want to emphasize process’ importance; split by river (West Side Story)
      • Want to help them org their first GA
  • Tribal Summit (December 3, Occupy Lansing)
    • Planning – idea was that some Western occupations aren’t being involved; lansing is planning in solidarity with us; starting at noon – “Solidarity Saturdays” jamming, listening to music etc- start of summit; idea of having Direct Action before actual summit
    • Supplies – consensus – having a summit every two weeks; rotate on weekday/weekend to make it accesible for more people; managed to bring lots of supplies to Flint (tents, socks etc – donated by Chris and Colleen’s parents! woo!) Check O4A – supplies are updated everyday! check the site often; O4A are availabel to pick up from you; free-cycle is a good source of items, so is dollar store
    • Rideshares – we will have another action meeting prior to Summit, offer you’re car if you are able; what are you’re plans; parking-wise information will be investigated –
    • Overnight stays – same as above – will you stay overnight (at park?) bring you’re own tent/supplies!
  • Announcement about Toledo
    • need for facilitation and process
    • some arrests, permit expires today nov 21, plan is to occupy foreclosed buildings
    • small camp, not sure how many will be engaged in taht
    • community support is in bursts (police action encourages support) – tragedy leads to support
    • need some unity/solidarity – might be good for O4A
    • We need to discuss with them about how they’re going ot occupy foreclosed buildings – do they have a plan?
    • George will monitor eBay local
    • Maggie will make account for Craigslist O4A

Next Action Assembly

  • Time – 8:00PM; Thursday Dec 1
  • Location – Corner Brewery (720 Norris St, Ypsilanti, Michigan)
  • New Year: Occupy meetings at Phoenix Cafe in Hazel Park – there would be available for others – perhaps still vary location? still a little hard for western state; Flint has offered
  • We need to establish a base – contact local businesses, who will be interested in a group that would want people coming and and patronizing – possibility into looking in All Hands Active – on liberty, DIY space, perhaps willing to do something there?
  • Ypsi/EMU outreach for O4A/Inter-Occupy meetings?

Principles of Solidarity

  • Hand Out Sheet
  • Read Aloud
  • Temperature Check
    • positive check? yep!
    • consent? YES
    • But! it is available for changes, it is NOT set in stone


  • Get on stack for your announcement
    • Lindsay: working currently on another DA for december, no date yet, it will be FUN: Operation North Pole; need someone to play Mr. Claus, have elves holding signs, regular protest in front of a business (mall?) various comical signs; Santa Claus – workshop foreclosed on; children: is there an issue? how should their presences be handled? Announcement, not a vibes check? Perhaps take Santa out of equation perhaps reduce confusion? Talk to Lindsay on it
    • Kat: on Dec 3rd, there is a community event not occupy related – good community cause; woman injured in accident at Jenny’s Cider Mill in Dexter, paralyzed in accident – sponsor, fundraising – bowling, raffle; shows community support, community outreach; donations coming from other local businesses; Kat will drive out there – rideshares available? will be posted on line
    • Kent: two announcements; one, at last summit we talked with affinity group, interested in collaborating, based out of detroit, have office space, money and communications soft-ware – want to go and look into it; reading of information sent by DTW group; Flint wants to get people connected by radio communication – Detroit people have offered to pay for radios and gas; group of people to visit on DTW with Nathanael; some concern about money trail with Unions – vibes check on checking this information and developing a plan with all caveats included; it was mentioned that perhaps DTW there is a building, but there are issues with whether it was agreed upon? there is some controversy behind it, hence the investigation; push to have DTW member come to next O4A meeting.
      • call for inter occupation action; autonomously already working on it; details on DL, but amovement to bring to light all of the foreclosures and abandoned buildings, which will unify us; Jan 26th 2012- 175th year MI is a state; details of what action will be – one location? multiple locations at same time? can we do both? development. Assembling as a state, having one voice. Talk to Kent, Kat if interested.
      • Lindsea and Zak: GUAC OFF AT NEXT SUMMIT!
      • Idea proposed for website called Cop Porn – sexualize police abuse of protesters; once it’s done being built it will be leaked to media/police departments
        • concern about sexualization connection with violence?
        • sexualization makes it more horrific, emphasizing the tragedy
        • perhaps sexualization of violence may actually be seen as positive for *some*
        • the desire is to disturb people, but perhaps we find a different way to do so, a better way to do so
        • Tricky issue, moral  ambiguity; a lot of ppl in DA circles, we are in movement that encourages autonomy, even if you disagree with it, admit that it may have a positive effect
        • Dryly show facts, just plain, straight facts (british-style) very effective
        • would insensitivity be actually more effective? less effective?

Close Meeting with chant

Additional Information

Web Presence


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