TONIGHT! Action Assembly & Facilitation Training

Occupy4All  Facilitation Training & Action Assembly

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Training @ 6:30
Assembly @ 8:00 pm

Cafe Ambrosia
326 Maynard St.
Ann Arbor, MI. 48104

Occupy for All, November 21 Meeting Agenda


  • Call to Action
  • Attendees
  • Introduce Facilitation Team
  • Who We Are
    • Hand out “Occupy4All One Page”
  • Introduce Process
    • General Intro (Hand Signals)
    • Discussion: Autonomy, “Does this need consensus?”
      • Introduce topic
      • Open up for discussion


  • Tribal Summit: Flint
  • OAA Direct Action Working Group
    • Black Friday Action Planning
  • OAA General Assembly
  • Intro to Direct Democracy and Facilitation Training
  • We have a map! We want to make a web version of this map. We will talk below about our media/tech needs.
  • Other report-backs

Media and Tech

  • Why We Occupy
  • Calendar
  • Event Reports: People may submit event reports to to be included in the blog
  • We are working on assembling a media group. We are taking on the responsibility of posting inter-occupation information. We need a number of people to work collaboratively on a number of tasks:
    • Content Production: Photos, video, text
    • Occupy MI Map
    • Web development
    • Graphic design
    • Info gatherers for calendar

Inter-Occupation Outreach

  • Detroit field trip this Saturday
    • Find supplies list
    • Arrange rideshares
  • Other possible field trips
    • Western Michigan (Grand Rapids, K-Zoo)
    • Alpena
      • Alpena needs help organizing for their first GA
  • Tribal Summit (December 3, Occupy Lansing)
    • Planning
    • Supplies
    • Rideshares
    • Overnight stays

Next Action Assembly

  • Time
  • Location

Principles of Solidarity

  • Hand Out Revised Sheet
  • Read Aloud
  • Temperature Check


  • Get on stack for your announcement

Close Meeting


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