November 17 Meeting Notes

Occupy for All, November 17 Meeting Notes


  • Introduce Facilitation Team (Kent, Kat, Nathanael, Maggie)
  • Read Call to Action (Thanks, Denise!)
  • Attendees
    • Name, Occupation, Working Group, etc.
    • Brian, o4a, any, unemployed from seasonal work; has some time
    • Lindsea, OAA + 1st time o4a, transportation, studying community psychology and social change, goes to school in PA but lives in AA
    • David, o4a, all for action groups; autonomous action is needed
    • Denise, OAA + o4a, DA, recently began acting as a legal observer
    • Maggie, OAA + o4a, facilitation & morale, want to see big actions, united occupations
    • Devin, from AA, interested in solidarity as a people’s movement, wants to see us unite more, local actions good but need perspective as well
    • George, OAA + o4a, education & DA & facilitation, works for UofM, doesn’t see his wife all week – she is a live in nanny, so his weekends are booked; sees a lot of the “fake 1%” in AA
    • Chelle, OAA + o4a, morale & facilitation & DA, likes to see where she can be helpful and see how it goes!
    • Kent, o4a, this is his heart talking; finally able to overcome fear and speak up; giving himself totally to o4a; this is his calling
    • Nathanael, o4a, “shiftless malcontent”, studied philosophy
    • Kat, o4a, all in for o4a – let’s make the world a better place!
    • Sam, ??
    • Heather, Occupy Flint
  • Who We Are
    • Hand out “Occupy4All One Page”
  • Introduce Process
    • General Intro
      • it is the skeleton; we do have a strong focus on process because it allows us to communicate together!
      • we make decisions based on collective agreement, or consensus; when taking a vote, there is a one side vs the other – someone wins and someone loses; we make a consensus decision so that we can synthesize the ideas and create something that works best for everyone;
      • see “Intro to Process” document for additional details
    • I have something to say! doc
      • typo!  “fact” not “face”!
      • Positive vibes for doc
    • Working Group vs. Committee Handout
      • working groups are needs based groups
      • form around the idea or issue, bottom up, rather than a rigid structure
      • important to understand horizontal structure
    • If there is a process issue, please feel free to bring it up and we can workshop it as a group to help solve it and share that info with any and all


  • Lansing Trip (Funeral for Democracy)
    • Kent, go to website for full report; great experience; encourage others to go as well, most other occupations just need bodies more than anything
  • OAA Direct Action Working Group
    • Denise, Black Friday Action Planning; great turn out; based only on a single agenda item; planning a black Friday event (if you were to throw a dart on the wall, you’d hit the store they are planning on); kept process in mind a lot, let everyone speak; great work-shopping environment; next meeting Sat at 1 at Ambrosia; another meeting Tuesday 6 pm at Ambrosia
  • Today’s Diag Action
    • George; improtu action on the diag to help promote the teach-in at the camp tonight; did a lot of yelling and screaming and that worked out; BAM was in the diag at the same time, they were pretty cool with sharing the space; teach in went well, mostly a lecture then breakout groups
    • Occupy U students will have first GA CC Little (room 1528) Nov 30th at 6 pm
  • Facilitation meeting
    • Chelle; had a good meeting; facilitation has some goals set up for next GA; there are notes online; need vibes checker, greeter, timekeeper; contact through google group or email Sara, Whitney or Maggie; sounds like the team is getting stronger
  • Occupy Ann Arbor Camp
    • David, will be there making banners for the next couple nights; would be great to have more people; help increase public support and awareness; bring tape (packing tape – very important need), paper, kerosene and propane (for heat)
    • Friday night will be combining those efforts with the benefit for the warming shelter to help draw more people in; Denise is concerned that there will not be a lot of people at the benefit

Website Development

  • Why We Occupy
    • tell your personal story!
    • help create community and transparency
    • reference the website to submit a story
  • Calendar
    • if you see an event come up that’s not on the calendar, please email and we can get it up!
    • divided into categories; direct actions, GA’s, community events, etc. and re: Heather, the “if you can only attend one thing, this is the thing” event #allhandsondeck

Inter-Occupation Outreach:

  • Plan for Tribal Summit
  • Arrange Rideshares: There are a number of events tomorrow
    • There is a 2pm Direct Action. Occupy Flint will be protesting (there will be drumming and music) at the Bank of America at the corner Saginaw st. and First St. in downtown Flint MI. After the demonstration, Occupy Flint will host a dinner at the camp (MLK and 2nd Ave)
      • Maggie will be leaving around 1pm, staying for whole event, may have room; is taking Chelle;Devin and Lindsea
      • Denise is only going to the 2 pm direct action and wants to be back in AA for warming shelter fundraiser
      • Kat/Kent will be leaving around; 5:30-6, have room for 1 and supplies [*Brian takes open seat]
      • Lindsea will post ride-shares on her group page
    • The meeting is roughly scheduled to start at 7 though the exact time does depend on how the day plays out.
  • Gather Supplies
    • Kat – Occupy Flint supplies list is detailed, be sure to check out the list online and check garages, etc.
    • Denise; with Occupy Detroit potentially moving, we may be able pick up supplies they no longer need; Denise will be a point person for this
  • Confirm Location (MLK & Second, Flint, MI)
  • Discuss O4A Participation
    • will mainly be observers; will offer participation and bring info to share
    • can find out how we can help any occupations in attendance
    • positive vibes on this

Principles of Solidarity

  • Hand Out Sheet
  • Read Aloud
  • Temperature Check
    • all positive
  • Planning on consensing at the next meeting; will email it and also allow others to edit


  • Thanksgiving Week Action Assembly (Monday?)
    • Monday sounds good; at 8?  Should be a short meeting
    • Intro to Direct Democracy Facilitation Training, 90 minutes before next Assembly
      • contact Nathanael or group; anyone is welcome at the training
  • Donations
    • While not expected, they are a HUGE help.
    • Printing fliers, button making, etc.
    • want to soon open a credit union account; planning on publishing statements online, want two people to be there to access it; will be creating a working group; Chelle and Brian will be point people
  • Other Announcements
    • Maggie; Occupy Detroit is having a cleanup the park event tomorrow @ noon?

Concluding Actionable Steps

  • Scheduling
    • Next Action Meeting
  • Additional tasks
    • want to support Saginaw; let’s help them get set up!

Close Meeting

Additional Information

Possible Needs (this list is not intended to be exhaustive)

  • Point of Contact – Occupy ???
    • Acting as the Contact for Occupy for All within the various occupations
  • Transportation
    • Creating Rideshares
    • Delivering Goods
  • Facilitation
    • Organizing/Facilitating Action Meetings
  • Hunter/Gatherer
    • Gathering Supplies and Finding Opportunities for Direct Action
  • Calendar
    • Assist in scheduling next Action Assembly
    • Updating our Calendar
    • Find out Occupation Events
  • Tech and graphics design talent
  • Contact Sheet
    • Name, Phone, E-mail, Home Occupation

Web Presence


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