Occupy for All Nov 17 Agenda

Agenda, Occupy for All, November 17 Meeting


  • Introduce Facilitation Team (Kent, Kat, Nathanael, etc.)
  • Attendees
    • Name, Occupation, Working Group
  • Who We Are
    • Hand out “Occupy4All One Page”
  • Introduce Process
    • General Intro
    • Working Group vs. Committee Handout


  • Lansing Trip (Funeral for Democracy)
  • OAA Direct Action Working Group
    • Black Friday Action Planning
  • Today’s Diag Action

Website Development

  • Why We Occupy
  • Calendar

Inter-Occupation Outreach

Plan for Tribal Summit

  • Arrange Rideshares: There are a number of events tomorrow
    • There is a 2pm Direct Action. Occupy Flint will be protesting (there will be drumming and music) at the Bank of America at the corner Saginaw st. and First St. in downtown Flint MI. After the demonstration, Occupy Flint will host a dinner at the camp (MLK and 2nd Ave)
    • The meeting is ruffly scheduled to start at 7 though the exact time does depend on how the day plays out.
  • Gather Supplies
  • Confirm Location (MLK & Second, Flint, MI)
  • Discuss O4A Participation

Principles of Solidarity

  • Hand Out Sheet
  • Read Aloud
  • Temperature Check


  • Thanksgiving Week Action Assembly (Monday?)
    • Intro to Direct Democracy Facilitation Training, 90 minutes before next Assembly
  • Donations
    • While not expected, they are a HUGE help.
    • Printing fliers, button making, etc.
  • Other Announcements

Concluding Actionable Steps

  • Scheduling
    • Next Action Meeting
  • Additional tasks

Close Meeting

Additional Information

Possible Needs (this list is not intended to be exhaustive)

  • Point of Contact – Occupy ???
    • Acting as the Contact for Occupy for All within the various occupations
  • Transportation
    • Creating Rideshares
    • Delivering Goods
  • Facilitation
    • Organizing/Facilitating Action Meetings
  • Hunter/Gatherer
    • Gathering Supplies and Finding Opportunities for Direct Action
  • Calendar
    • Assist in scheduling next Action Assembly
    • Updating our Calendar
    • Find out Occupation Events
  • Tech and graphics design talent
  • Contact Sheet
    • Name, Phone, E-mail, Home Occupation

Web Presence


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