Occupy Flint: Occupation Needs

Occupy Flint has expressed a need for the following:
– Tarps
– Rope
– Tent Stakes
– 2 8X25 or 2 6X25 and 1 6X75 rolls of Double Bubble w/Foil on one side
Patio Pavers
– 500- 1000 feet of 1/2 inch Pex tubing (Min 250 ft)
– 1000 ft of 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch rope ( poly or nylon cord or mt climbing rope)
– Bails of Straw ( 250 of them )

This is on top of the things they have listed on their website (http://www.occupyflint.org):
A. Warm Clothing
-Boots (Sizes:9-13)
-Wool Socks
-Long Johns
-Sleeping Bags
-Mylar Blankets
-Winter Gloves/Scarfs
-Winter Coats (Hunting Gear, Snow Suits, Ect.)

B. Food (Organic if possible)
-Water (We have jugs)
-25 Lb. Bags
a) Pinto Beans
b) Kidney Beans
c) Navy Beans
d) Brown Rice
e) Steel Cut Oats (Dales Grainery?)
-Ramen Noodles
-Organic Wheat Berries
-Mung Bean Seeds
-Canned Goods (Ravioli, Tomatoes, SPAM, Ect.)
-Raw Sauerkraut

C. Shelter & Winterization
-Duct Tape
-1000′ of 1/2” PEX Tubing (Min. 250′ Rolls)
-200′ of 1/2” Copper Tubing
-Straw Bails (Need about 200 for insulation)
-22′ Gutters or 1′x30′ Flashing
-6′x125′ Foil Double Bubble
-55′x60′ Heavy Duty Tarps
-Zip Ties
-Lava Rocks
-Patio Pavers (for Hydronic Slab)

D. Health
-Vitamin C Powder (Acai)
-Organic Oregano Oil
-Multi Vitamins
-Feminine Products
-Hand Sanitizer
-Kitchen Cleaner
-Paper Towels
-Alcohol Swabs
-Green Clay (French Bentonite, for Poultice)
– Baking Soda

E. Misc.
-Stainless Steel Mess Kits
-Tobacco & Tubes
-Cord Wood
-Propane (We have tanks)
-White Gas
-TV Tower
-Pocket Knives

We will be gathering supplies at the upcoming Action Assembly (Thursday, November 17th) to take up to the Tribal Summit on Friday in Flint. If we have anything we can contribute, I know they’ll be very appreciative for it!


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