Nov 10th Action Meeting Notes

Occupy for All, November 10 Meeting Notes

Call to Action

United we stand, divided we fall.

Never before have these words been more important or relevant. We stand at the edge of a revolution, where our actions matter more than ever, and our solidarity with one another is the only thing that will help us see it through. If we become divided, then everything for which we have fought and struggled is lost. We call ourselves the 99% because, together, that’s exactly what we are. This is not a movement of individuals acting alone. This is not a movement for selfish agendas. This is an opportunity for us to speak with one voice, united, standing strong in the face of those who would try to silence us. Occupy for All seeks to empower all to use their voice, especially those who do not feel they have one. We seek to unite the various occupations and show that, even though we may be divided by local, state, and national borders, we are still together. Our goal is to open the lines of communication between the various occupations and to make sure that the things that are needed get to the people that need them most. We are not just here for ourselves, but for all who would stand under the banner of “Occupy”. We call on all in Michigan, the United States, and around the world to initiate autonomous action, and to become involved in inter-occupation activities. Solidarity!

We are the 99%. All For One, Occupy For All.


  • Facilitation Team (Kent – Facilitator, Kat – Notes, Nathanael – Stack, etc.)
    • Review hand gestures, use of direct response for small gathering such as this
  • Attendees
    • Name, Occupation, Working Group
    • Chelle, Occupy Ann Arbor, Direct Action, Education, Anywhere needed
    • Denise, Occupy Ann Arbor, Direct Action, Encampment, Anywhere needed (Is a lawyer by trade)
    • Rafael, Occupy Flint/State of Michigan for Working America, Working with Labor Unions
    • Brian, Occupy Detroit, Wanting to get involved in OAA
    • David, Occupy A2 (for 3-5 days), Working with Facilitation, Encampment, wants to help with communication
    • George, Works at medical school, Occupy Ann Arbor, goes to any meeting he can, went to Toledo with encampment field trip
    • Brooke, Occupy Ann Arbor, Direct Action, Visited Occupy Wall St
    • Maggie, Occupy Ann Arbor, Morale, Transportation, Wants to be more involved
    • Lindsay, Occupy Ann Arbor, Tech goddess, Morale, Social Media
    • Heather, Occupy Flint, Social Media

Philosophical Discussion

  • We are an inter-occupation action group.
    • We are not the voice of the movement, we are the support; we want to be able to support the entirety of the movement, not just any single occupation; this allows people to have an opportunity to contribute in ways other than camping
    • Lots of the work that needs to be done, communication etc, is sometimes difficult to do only at a camp
    • We take action; we want to be able to respond quickly and effectively
    • Help to foster communication between groups
  • We hold action meetings.
    • What is an Action Meeting?
      • Flint calls this “well-intentioned autonomous action”
      • No endless facebook debates, not tweaking others ideas endlessly, not being afraid to act
      • A2 may be apathetic and filled with ego, “fashion activists”; this can be a hold up
      • “Elegant anarchy” and leaderlessness can be scary
      • Let’s get messy!
        • get to the camp and build the banners; let’s just make it happen
      • Action Groups vs. Working Groups; let’s go get it done, people can flow in and out of these groups that come to be to fill and need and dissolve when the need is filled
    • An Action Meeting is where different opportunities for action are brought to the table and plans are made for how we can take participate in those actions, as a group or as individuals.
      • You don’t need anyone’s permission to do action; the reason to communicate it so that we can provide support, assistance, etc
  • Scheduling Action
    • It is our goal to be able to keep a calendar of Direct Action opportunities and meetings for all the Occupations we are currently in contact with. It is our hope that we can facilitate better scheduling of activities, so we can give those events the numbers they require.
    • We aim to assist in areas where there are needs.
      • Discussed more in Occupation Outreach.

Occupation Outreach

  • Finding out the needs of each Occupation.
    • Camp Need Lists
      • blankets, pillows, etc; help to provide these
    • Event Need Lists
      • tape, posters, etc; help to provide these
  • Promoting Occupation Events
    • Boost Attendance
    • Create a Presence
  • Going to another Occupation weekly as a small group
    • Create a cycle, where we can deliver goods from one camp to the next.
    • Get a contact person (or two) in each occupation to promote communication
  • Gathering of the Tribes: this week at Occupy Flint Friday Nov 18th; Direct Action @ 2 and meeting @ 7
    • Maggie/Lindsay/Chelle report: great sharing of info, what’s working, what’s not; didn’t have enough time to cover all the topics they wanted – is this a revolution or a revolution of the system (for example)
    • Potentially doing a weekly meeting; at least more than once a month; rotating occupations and scheduling a large direct action either before or after the meeting to have larger numbers
    • Talked about outreach, “marketing” – essentially outreach, raising awareness
    • Talk of Flint hosting Thanksgiving

Opportunities Within Occupy For All
These can be as needed/don’t have to be a permanent position

  • Point of Contact – Occupy ???
    • Acting as the Contact for Occupy for All within the various occupations
  • Transportation
    • Creating Rideshares
    • Delivering Goods
  • Facilitation
    • Organizing/Facilitating Action Meetings
      • Kat wants to encourage everyone to take part in facilitation; it allows us to speak the same language
  • Hunter/Gatherer
    • Gathering Supplies
    • Finding Opportunities for Direct Action
  • Scheduling
    • Schedule next Action Assembly
    • Keeping track of Calendar
    • Find out Occupation Events
  • Contact Sheet
    • Name, Phone, E-mail, Home Occupation

Web Presence

  • Website
  • E-mail
  • Social Media
  • Occupy Bulletin
    • Recap of purpose and ability
    • We need to spread this info to as many different occupations as possible so that we can unite the feed and broadcast the info
    • Add the info; make it personal; we are building contacts with this
    • We will post the info for how to link on the facebook cause page and via email
  • About blurb
    • Occupy4All is a merry band of roving peaceniks based in Ann Arbor. We stand in solidarity with occupations across Michigan, working in various capacities to foster autonomous, consensus-based relations built on interdependence and mutual assistance. We are a needs-based action group whose aim is to expand and sustain the vision of the Occupy movement in Michigan, as well as across the country.
    • We are building a community and we are creating a network of support; we can create a sort of barter system, an exchange of labor, ideas, & help
  • Calendar: Assemble team
  • Graphics pool
    • Physical art, and want to have something like a business card that we can give out

We will post this on our facebook page and also to the email group

  • Friday, November 11th
    • Mic Check: Open Mic, Poetry Slam & Veteran’s Day Celebration (Occupy Flint) – 2-5pm @ Corner of 1st and Saginaw
    • Outreach Meeting (Occupy Detroit) – 5:30-8pm @ LAX 2nd Floor
    • Facilitation: Intro to Direct Democratic Process (Occupy Detroit) – 6pm @ Grand Circus Park (will not happen this Friday, but is usually at this time)
    • Cultural Night (Occupy Ann Arbor) – 8pm @ Liberty Plaza
  • Saturday, November 12th
    • Second Visit to the Bank(s) (Occupy Ann Arbor) – 10:30am @ Liberty Plaza
    • General Assembly (Occupy Detroit) – 12pm @ Grand Circus Park
      • Check website, location may change.
    • Survival Workshop (Occupy Ann Arbor) – 3pm @ Liberty Plaza
    • Media Team Meeting (Occupy Detroit) – 6pm @ LAX
    • PeaceNick Fundraiser for Occupy D (Occupy Detroit) – 8pm @ Phoenix Cafe
  • Sunday, November 13th
    • Comfort Meeting (Occupy Detroit) – 8am
    • General Assembly (Occupy Ann Arbor) – 1pm @ League -Vandenberg Room
      • Michigan League, 911 N. University
    • Media Team Meeting (Occupy Detroit) – 6pm @ LAX
  • Monday, November 14th
    • Quaker House Workshop (Occupy Kalamazoo) – 7-11am @
    • Facilitation: Intro to Direct Democratic Process (Occupy Detroit) – 6pm @ Grand Circus Park
    • Facilitation Meeting (Occupy Detroit) – 7:30pm @ LAX
  • Tuesday, November 15th
    • A Social Forum on Rebuilding Working People’s Power (Occupy Ann Arbor) – 7pm @ Michigan League
  • Wednesday, November 16th
    • Non-Violence/Civil Disobedience (Occupy Ann Arbor) 6pm @ Liberty Plaza

Actionable Steps

  • Website
    • Post Call to Action
    • Links to Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter
    • Posting Events/Calendar
    • 99%er of the day – help to inspire; give shout outs and props; give positive feedback
    • Want to create blog posts from our action team members
    • Report backs about our visits to the camp; keep the motivation up!
    • Very important to move away from 3rd party sites if we can; info is being censored
    • Lindsay; help make the website a central source of information; the calendar will let any occupation post directly to it so that we can have all the info in once place
      • potentially bumping up info for events that are a higher priority/featuring it; esp if it is a one time direct action over a weekly event
      • if we have an overall calendar, then that will feature all events; but we have something that “categorizes” the different events into things like high priority, weekly, urgent, etc
  • Scheduling
    • Next Action Meeting
    • Trip to Occupy Detroit
    • Trip to Occupy Lansing
    • Return trip to Occupy Flint
  • Encampment needs; want to create survival backpacks; add to list: need medical gloves, alternators (for Sincere to teach how to generate own power), plastic bags, newspaper bags
    • creating “welcome to the occupation” backpacks, provide vital info as well, share this survival backpack concept with other occupations as well
  • Encampment needs storage
    • Chelle offers space; have address if needed
  • Spreading Info about Occupy For All to provide an opportunity for people to contribute
  • Connect the cultures that are developing in the different camps; we should help to share these
    • occupyart on google +
    • what about a camper exchange w/camps? idea brought up at the summit
    • exchanging teach ins and education summits w/different occuptions
  • Get medical training info; street survival guide; print these and put copies in the backpacks as well??
  • Denise – thinks this is wonderful; gives away to distract from the bullshit; need to get ideas and energy flowing; how can we transition to having more people and also cleaning up the overwhelming amount of stuff going on?
    • open communication and contacts
    • hashtag and flash mob it via twitter as well
  • Heather from Flint; want to get involved in community action; maybe take a survey door to door, find out who people are and what they stand for; likes an “all hands on deck” hashtag, if this is the one thing you can come to this week, this should be it! Help to create a community online presence; we don’t want to shut people out by not speaking broadly; connect with other groups
    • get salvation army shirts; apply 99% decals that we make ourselves and upgrade them; then push the story through social media
    • David from Clinton has a contact with a sewing shop
  • Communication/Information Accordion – we push out a little noise, then we pull in more information; through Michigan for Working Americans; can find out where people have interest, put that “data” into action
  • We need a designated team of people who are willing to get arrested at any given time so that we can mobilize them!
  • Heather – shop local; how can we support this through the holidays?

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